Retarder 3250 – a high-performance step-up gear retarder for buses

    The VR 3250 is a high-performance step-up gear retarder developed in partnership through close cooperation between Voith and Volvo. It has its own transmission-independent oil supply and is used by Volvo in tour and long-distance buses.

    Features and benefits

    • Integrated step-up ratio Retarder
    • Compact design
    • Higher safety
    • Higher driving comfort
    • Higher economic efficiency
    • Increased eco-friendliness

    Technical data

    Voith Retarder VR 3250  
    Step-up ratio i = 2,03
    Max. rated brake torque max. 3250 Nm
    Maximum speed at the propshaft 2 500 rpm
    Standard operation 5-stage hand-brake switch
    stage 1 = automatic mode (downhill cruise control)
    Operation medium oil (see fuel specification Volvo)
    Fill rate (oil change) 5,6 l
    Control medium compressed air
    Unit weight incl. flange, heat exchanger without operating medium approx. 56 kg bus-version
    Nominal voltage 24 V


    Service – where your bus is in good hands

      Whether it’s maintenance or repairs, troubleshooting, or the functional testing of individual components: our professionals will make sure you stay on the road. At the Voith retarder workshop in Crailsheim, and throughout the world.

      Judge us by our performance

      • Onboard troubleshooting and upgrade 
      • Replacement and repair 
      • Repair of supplied retarders (all model series) 
      • Troubleshooting and functional testing of individual components 
      • Worldwide delivery of Voith original spare parts, as well as 
      • replacements and basic retarders

      Retarder oil list

      Do you have any questions about Voith Retarder 3250? We’re here to help!

        Service contact

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        Mobility Service

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        Technical Support

        Technical Support


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        Spare parts orders

        Spare parts orders


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