Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

On-site repairs

We handle the following on-site:

  • Supervision of repairs performed by qualified local partner companies
  • Re-grinding shaft diameters
  • Detailed report with recommendations for action
  • Basic polishing work (e.g. on bearings, planetary bolts, toothing) and repairs (e.g. removing corroded areas, grinding out teeth, scraping out bearings) are included in an overhaul

Demanding activities

  • Measuring and repairing the housing (for example, re-spindling, enlarging bearing races, adapting eccentric bushes) and fabricating parts
  • Measuring the serrations, scanning the bearings / tactile survey of the bearings

Voith handles the repairs of turbo gear units for the various Voith brands and for the turbo gear units of all well-known manufacturers.

If continued operation is not possible, we will transport the gearbox as quickly as possible to the nearest Voith workshop or to our headquarters in Sonthofen, Germany. Your turbo gear unit will be productive again within a maximum of 9 to 15 weeks.

In an emergency, a qualified Voith service technician can be at your plant within 48 hours, even if you are in a remote location! Often, on-site repair enables continued operation on either a permanent or temporary basis. Our competent service technician takes the decision regarding on-site repair and does this alone or with the support of other experts from our 'Customer Support'.