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Voith Radial Propeller

Voith Radial Propeller

Powerful for Dynamic Positioning: The Voith Radial Propeller

With its powerful propulsion system and the ability to pivot by 360 degrees, the Voith Radial Propeller facilitates precise dynamic positioning in demanding offshore environments. Maritime systems thus remain in operation under virtually all weather conditions and can be operated more cost-effectively.

Wide range of applications

    Voith provides propulsion systems tailored to a wide range of applications

    Fast and Safe Operation

      The Voith Radial Propeller (VRP) consists of a fixed pitch azimuthing propeller and combines propulsion and a steering system in one unit. Its design principle always comes into effect when, besides high power and reliability, precise dynamic positioning is also required.

      Especially in demanding offshore environments, including icy water and deep water, the VRP ensures that applications such as semi-submersible platforms, mono-hull drilling ships and special ships for erecting wind turbines reach their destination quickly and safely and can reliably hold their position once there. For example, six to eight azimuthing propulsion systems make it possible for a drilling platform to remain precisely at its location without additional anchoring and to pump oil from depths of more than 3,000 meters.

      The high efficiency of the VRP reduces fuel consumption and emissions during dynamic positioning. A VRP can be installed and maintained directly on a floating ship.





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            • Fast and Safe Operation. Voith Radial Propeller

              Fast and Safe Operation. Voith Radial Propeller