Voith Schneider Propeller


The open sea – both a valuable source of energy and an unpredictable force. A force that can only be mastered safely and efficiently with the best technology. A force that requires a connecting BRIDGE – with the innovative drive systems from Voith.

Best DP Performance – Can be kept in the required position

With the Voith Schneider Propeller and the Voith Inline Thruster your ships can be kept in the required position even during very high waves, severe gusts of wind and strong currents.

Reduced Fuel Consumption – Less energy

As a result of its immediate and very accurate reaction to weatherrelated disturbances the VSP needs considerably less energy during Dynamic Positioning. Owing to their high efficiency, Voith Propellers need significantly less fuel during transit and DP than comparable drives.

Increased Comfort – Maximum comfort

Ships with VSP drives ensure improved onboard wellbeing, as the danger of seasickness is reduced by the Voith Roll Stabilization, and because the Voith Inline Thruster ensures maximum comfort in terms of noise and vibration.

Downtime Reduction – 15 more operating days

Where other ships have to give up, VSP-based transfers can still be carried out. This means up to 15 more operating days per year, due to the unique VSP force adjustment and the Voith Roll Stabilization.

Great Productivity at All Conditions – 25% more transfers

The fast connection enabled by the VSPs even allows up to 25% more transfers within the same time frame.

Effective, Innovative and Successful Offshore Solutions – Over 30 ships operating successfully

Since 2007 Voith has been looking back on over 30 ships operating successfully in the challenging offshore market – worldwide.


Voith propulsion systems

The BRIDGE to your success in the offshore oil & gas market.