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Self contained Servo Drive PDSC

The PDSC (Press Drive Self Contained) is a self contained hydraulic linear drive that is characterized by a high power density and high dynamics. Characteristic for the PDSC servo drive are the very high energy efficiency, the automatic gear shifting and the almost wear-free operation. The drive is suitable for force control and position control.

The main components of the PDSC are a servo motor, an internal gear pump and a directly coupled hydraulic cylinder. The design is self contained and compact. There is no hydraulic unit or oil tank required for operation and all of the hydraulic components are integrated into the servo drive PDSC.
The servopump is tuned to the area ratio of the cylinder. The speed and the direction of movement are controlled without directional or throttle valves. The cylinder is equipped with modules for automatic gear shifting and automatic recognition of the load The transmission is switched over automatically and is controlled by the mechanical load. The almost wear-free operation allows a long service life and long maintenance intervals. The drive is overload-proof due to the hydraulic circuitry.


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Resource Efficiency

Technical data of the compared drives: 100t punching force, speed 140 mm/s, positioning accuracy 0.01mm

Technical Data

Ambient temperature -5°C to +40°C
Mounting position any
Force up to 5,000 kN
Stroke lenght up to 500 mm
Position measuring system (option) absolute encoder
Positioning accuracy 0.01 mm, typical
Pressure control accuracy 0.5% FS (full scale), typical
Repeatability 0.01 mm, typical
Protection class IP54 / IP64
Control position and / or force control
Maintenance interval 3 years or 20,000 operating hours



  • presses
  • calibrating machines
  • forming machines
  • bending machines
  • cutting machines
  • special machines

Scope of Delivery

Basic version:

  • complete drive unit:
    • motor, pump, cylinder, compensation tank, pressure switch
    • oil filling with high performance fluid PF-700
    • drift protection (not a safety component)


  • pressure transducer
  • servo converter with safety relay and interface cards
  • line filter, mains line choke, brake resistor
  • motor cable, encoder cable
  • parameterization software
  • start-up on-site

Product Characteristics




  • Servo drive with hydraulic power transmission
  • The drive is wear-resistant and absolutely overload-safe
  • Your drive components and moving parts have a long lifetime
  • After an overload occurs, your machine or equipment can be quickly and easily restarted
  • The drive has only a few electrical interfaces
  • This keeps your startup effort and costs low
  • No staff with knowledge of hydraulics is required
  • Closed-loop hydraulic system with no directional control valves or servo valves
  • The integrated hydraulic system is a stand-alone system (self-contained)
  • You save the procurement and maintenance costs required for an external hydraulic power pack with all of its piping and tubing
  • The linear drive is easy and cost-effective to install in machines
  • Cylinder with automatic gear shifting and automatic recognition of the load
  • The drive requires small volume flows and correspondingly small pumps and servomotors as well as converters
  • The installed electrical power and the installation costs are low
  • The drive is very fast
  • The productivity of the plant is very high
  • The hydraulic cylinder is controlled with a servo pump whose flow rate is matched to the cylinder surfaces
  • Simple and compact design with no classic valve and control technology
  • Hydraulic system throttle losses are kept to a minimum
  • The drive is energy-efficient and has low cooling requirements, reducing your operational costs
  • The costs for commissioning, training, and maintenance are low
  • Standardized linear drive with very few components and modular design
  • This keeps planning costs associated with system integration low
  • A large number of designs and sizes are available
  • This reduces development times and development costs associated with your machinery or equipment