Mini Hydro

HyComplete – A comprehensive solution for smaller sites up to 1.2 MW

Mini hydropower is nearly endless, ecologically and commercially sustainable

    Complete water-to-wire solutions up to 1.2 MW designed and manufactured by Voith.

    There is tremendous potential in small hydro sites – thousands of existing low-head hydro sites and underutilized resources waiting for retrofitting or upgrades. Energy recovery, as well as new run-of-river sites, provide outstanding potential. The HyComplete product line represents comprehensive solutions for the sustainable generation of electricity from these resources. Standardized products for individual applications offer an attractive blend of high performance, quality and cost efficiency.

    Benefits of Mini Hydro

    • Economically viable
    • Available globally with benefits for remote communities
    • Low environmental footprint and risks
    • Easy to operate and to service
    • High-quality energy resource
    • Long lifetime of power plant
    • Sustainable renewable resource with lowest CO2 footprint


      Complete water-to-wire solutions
      up to 1.2 MW

      The right solutions for every application

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        The most common application is the use of water resources in rivers with natural or man-made head and to turbinate a portion of this water. Depending on the head and flow range, Kaplan, Francis, Pelton and other most common technologies are applicable.

        Low head hydropower

        As a special type of run-of-river, low-head hydropower has a tremendous potential on waterways around the world. More than 85% of the existing dams are not yet electrified, and the majority of them have low heads. It is a question of an economic and ecological solution that makes these sites bankable. Voith’s answer is the StreamDiver.
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        Energy recovery

        Capitalizing on the potential of underutilized power plants and industrial assets, such as drinking or sewage water treatment plants, has become more and more popular. The PipeRunner, StreamDiver and eQ Solutions (Francis or Pelton for higher heads) cover a wide range of possible applications.
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        Voith is your water-to-wire partner for the whole project duration – and beyond

          The HyComplete product range

            In many respects Mini Hydro requires smart and innovative as well as holistic concepts to find the best solution for a specific site and save time and cost on all aspects of the project.

            eQ Solution – Run-of-river applications

            The eQ Solutions comprises simplified, highly standardized turbine-generator units and its auxiliary systems. The system is pre-assembled which allows fast and easy erection at site. With integrated controls and actuators, it provides a compact and reliable water-to-wire system.

            eQ Kaplan

            Design features

            • Vertical Kaplan unit
            • Double-regulated (guide vane and runner)
            • Directly coupled synchronous generator (gear box as option)
            • Highly efficient hydraulic design
            • Short erection time due to pre-assembled parts on mounting frame
            • Modular and compact concept

            Technical Data

            • Head range: 2 to 10 m
            • Flow range: 2 to 20 m3/s
            • Output: Up to 1 000 kW

            eQ Francis

            Design features

            • Horizontal Francis unit
            • Single regulation (guide vanes)
            • Directly coupled synchronous generator
            • High-quality runner technology
            • Optimized and standardized steel parts
            • Simplification of auxiliary systems

            Technical Data

            • Head range: 20 to 100 m
            • Flow range: 0.5 to 3 m3/s
            • Output: Up to 1 200 kW

            eQ Pelton

            Design features

            • Horizontal or vertical Pelton unit
            • From 1 to 6 nozzles
            • Jet deflector for load rejection
            • Directly coupled synchronous generator
            • Compact turbine-generator unit
            • Simplification of auxiliary systems

            Technical Data

            • Head range: Up to 350 m
            • Flow range: Up to 1 m3/s
            • Output: Up to 1 200 kW

            StreamDiver – Low head hydropower applications

            The StreamDiver provides an industry-wide unique design which allows a simplification of the entire power house design. Lubrication and cooling water systems are not required, actuation systems for control and start-up are reduced to a minimum. A flexible and modular integration into the civil infrastructure, ease of installation and maintenance allow cost savings throughout the project phase.

            Design features

            • Highly efficient propeller turbine (runner regulation as option)
            • Direct-driven permanent magnet synchronous generator
            • River-water lubricated bearing design with outstanding lifetime
            • Completely oil- and grease-free operation
            • Modular design for sites with high flow (parallel generation of multiple units)
            • Civil concepts with flexible integration into existing structures
            • Additional options such as variable speed and fail-safe stop mechanisms

            Technical Data

            • Head range: Up to 8 m
            • Flow range: Up to 14 m3/s
            • Output: Up to 850 kW
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            PipeRunner – Energy recovery applications

            The Voith PipeRunner is designed to provide clean power from industrial water applications (e.g. sewage or drinking water treatment plants). Its focus is flexible integration, easy access and the use of standardized, off-the- shelf componets.

            Design features

            • Horizontal propeller unit (runner regulation as option)
            • Highly standardized tubular design with off-the-shelf generator units (synchronous and asynchronous)
            • In-pipe arrangement with high settings allows for easy access
            • Special application in drinking and sewage water treatment plants
            • Higher heads through serial arrangement
            • Higher flow through parallel arrangement

            Technical Data

            • Head range: Up to 20 m
            • Flow range: Up to 4 m3/s
            • Output: Up to 250 kW

            Automation systems – Low-voltage platform for all HyComplete products

            The automation system yields as a standardized low-voltage platform for all HyComplete products. The design concept minimizes complexity by focusing on mandatory systems only. Additional functionality and systems can be added as options to account for local grid codes or customer preferences.


            • Low voltage switchgear assembly
            • Unit and line protection and synchronization
            • Central plant control (common control functions)
            • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)
            • AC/DC auxiliary supply
            • Alarm and remote monitoring system
            • Additional options for island operation, UPS, variable speed, additional excitation and stand-alone container solutions
            • Learn more about automation
            Learn more about automation

            HyComplete – The benefits making the difference


              Making projects viable

              • Focusing on total cost of ownership
              • Innovative, compact and modular designs
              • Standardized and pre-assembled systems to shorten project lead and construction time

              Simply reliable

              Proven technology

              • Tested and manufactured according to global Voith standards
              • Downsized from state-of-the-art designs
              • Long-standing expertise with hundreds of references and a global network

              Environmentally friendly

              In harmony with nature

              • Oil-free designs
              • Small and compact solutions for remote areas
              • Fish-friendly power house designs
              • Sustainable renewable energy source

              Have a look at our global experiences

                Personally, I see great potential in the StreamDiver technology – especially for ecologically sensitive regions and existing infrastructures like our dam.
                Mikael Krane, Power plant manager at Skellefteå Kraft, Sweden
                Success Story: Swedish power plant Bruksfors
                Success Story: Indonesia´s clean energy potential

                Ijental (Switzerland)

                • Vertical eQ Pelton unit with 2 nozzles
                • High-head eQ Solutions design (beyond 200 m)
                • eQ Solutions design: electrical actuators for nozzles and jet deflector
                Mini Hydro technology eQ Pelton
                Commissioning 2017
                Plant output 348 kW
                Head range 282.3 m
                Flow range 0,14 m3/s
                Units 1


                Alte Bleiche (Germany)

                • Compact power house design – integration into canalized river
                • Environmental design – 100% oil-free
                • Flow regulation by movable runner blades
                • EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) execution by Voith
                Mini Hydro technology StreamDiver
                Commissioning  2017
                Plant output 35 kW
                Head range 1.9 m
                Flow range 6 m3/s
                Units 1


                Floresti 1 - Unit 3 (Romania)

                • Horizontal eQ Francis unit
                • Low-head Francis unit
                • Complete water-to-wire supply from Voith (mechanical and electrical scope)
                Mini Hydro technology eQ Francis
                Commissioning  2015
                Plant output 761 kW
                Head range 30.7 m
                Flow range 3 m3/s
                Units 1


                Egasaki (Japan)

                • Complete electromechanical equipment
                • Connection integrated into existing system
                • Propeller units (non-regulated) in serial arrangement
                • Low voltage protection and control equipment
                Mini Hydro technology PipeRunner
                Commissioning  2003
                Plant output 80 kW
                Head range 14 m
                Flow range 0.7 m3/s
                Units 2


                Bruksfors (Sweden)

                • Oil-free, environmentally friendly solution in sensitive region
                • Fast delivery in 8 months
                • Full integration into existing automation infrastructure
                • Low maintenance solution
                Mini Hydro technology StreamDiver
                Commissioning  2015
                Plant output 250 kW
                Head range 4.7 m
                Flow range 6 m3/s
                Units 1


                Babino Polje (Montenegro)

                • High head turbine-generator with auxillaries
                • 3 and 6 nozzle vertical Pelton
                • Pelton turbine without jet deflector
                Mini Hydro technology eQ Pelton
                Commissioning  2017
                Plant output 2 258 kW
                Head range 186 m and 174 m
                Flow range 1 m3/s and 0.4 m3/s
                Units 2

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