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“Li-ion Battery versus Pumped Storage.”

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During this one-hour webcast you will hear Dr. Klaus Krueger discussing a comparison of Li-ion batteries and pumped storage for energy storage in terms of raw material costs and carbon dioxide footprint. Some of this information was previously presented at HydroVision International 2018. The paper, co-authored by Dr. Krueger, won a Technical Paper of the Year Award in the category of Market Trends and Strategies. During this webcast, Dr. Krueger will give an exclusive summary of his findings expanded with an interesting outlook on how synergies between both technologies could be leveraged.

What will you get?

The webcast takes about one hour and covers the following topics:

  • Basic data of the WEMAG Battery Storage System (BSS)
  • Basic data of the Atdorf Pumped Storage Plant (PSP)
  • Comparison of the raw material costs for BSS and PSP
  • Comparison of capital and operation expenditures
  • CO2 footprint of both technologies
  • Combinations of pumped hydro with Li-ion batteries

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