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Upskilling with DRIVE
Discover DRIVE

Unique digitalization upskilling program for industrial organizations

Shape the digital future of your company

    With DRIVE to company-wide IoT-readiness

    DRIVE empowers people with the relevant skills required to succeed in the digital industrial workplace.

    With the DRIVE e-learning platform from Voith, you can improve the digital know-how of your employees in a targeted way. In its first stage, the multi-level learning program offers interactive e-learnings on different digital technologies and methods. This way, participants acquire basic digital knowledge, for example, regarding cloud computing, UX or smart factories. In the next stage, the focus is on practical relevance, such as interviews with proven experts or by highlighting possible changes in different job profiles.

    Start into your digital future now

    • Improve digital skills for industry 4.0
    • Increase “IIoT readiness” in your company
    • Multi-level course program for beginners and advanced learners
    • Customized programs through a wide selection of modules
    • Practically oriented learning with gamification elements

    What is DRIVE?

      Digital Readiness, Ideation, Velocity & Engagement

      DRIVE is a unique opportunity to invest in your own future

      In order to meet the new market requirements and challenges of IoT, Voith provides a unique upskilling program. Digitalization offers a lot of new opportunities for the daily business. Key to benefit from this transformation is to develop a common understanding of all relevant aspects. Explore what the future might bring for you and your company and start your DRIVE journey in a playful way!

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      Voith has always been committed to actively shaping change in our industry. If this is to continue, we have to align ourselves fully with the megatrend of digitalization. As one of the decisive players, we want to bundle our forces to promote and coin the digital revolution in engineering.
      Siddhartha Mishra, Director Projects Platforms & Services
      Voith Digital Ventures

      Become a digital champion with DRIVE - Train your employees for digitalization

        Want to play an active role in digitalization and upskill your employees for the new era? Empower your workforce to understand and utilize the chances of digitalization in your own industrial context in a simple and playful way.

        Building digital talent

        Fundamental Level

        The fundamental level is a training for everyone which offers basic information on Industry 4.0  and first insights in many different digitalization topics.. The learner gets a good overall idea even of those areas not immediately affected by.

        Advanced Level

        The advanced level consists of introduction videos on various digitalization topics followed by in depth modules offering expert interviews and future perspectives on skills and tasks in the industrial environment.

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