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Increased productivity and reliability in the mining process

With more than a half-century of proven experience in belt conveyor drive solutions, Voith products are engineered to the highest standards.

They operate under the most demanding environmental conditions with little maintenance and wear – for greater productivity and less downtime.


TurboBelt 500 TPXL

Fill-controlled fluid coupling with the latest control technology for smooth conveyor operations up to 98.5% efficiency.

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TurboBelt TT Linear Booster Drive

Significant cost savings in belt conveyor systems with the TurboBelt TT Linear Booster Drive.

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TurboBelt Transfer Station
TurboBelt Transfer Station

Used for bulked material transfer, our TurboBelt Transfer Station reduces wear and tear on the belt.

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TurboBelt Hese Pulleys

High efficiency and reliable operation, our TurboBelt Hese Pulleys satisfy all requirements for the usage in belt conveyors.

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    You’re in the mining business, not the business of mining data. Learn more about our new BeltGenius family, about current key challenges in the mining industry – and how digital innovation can help.


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