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CleanWeave – a clean affair

Dryer fabrics line is being further expanded

2014-04-07 - The first dryer fabrics from the new CleanWeave product family have proven themselves in their industrial applications. In the past year, Voith has launched two dryer fabrics under the Evaporite product line. Practical experience has since shown that they clearly improve drying and machine efficiency when compared to conventional fabrics.

Dryer fabrics are an integral part of the drying process. Their constant performance is crucial for the paper machine efficiency. In the harsh environment of a paper machine dryer fabrics often get blocked by stickies and dirt which hinder the paper drying process. The ideal fabric stays clean by utilizing a structure with a minimum thread crossing points and no hidden areas where contamination can become trapped.
Evaporite dryer fabrics. The inner volume is heavily reduced so as to keep deposits of dirt particles to a minimum.
Computer simulation and practical test. Voith has taken on a pioneering role in the analysis of fabric structures. With the aid of advanced computer simulations, it is now possible to analyze and understand a fabrics effect on the drying process. Based on these findings, it is possible to develop fabrics which have maximum open channels and minimum trapped areas to enhance moisture evaporation throughout the fabrics service life. This process was for the first time successfully applied in the development of Evaporite and EvaporiteHigh. Evaporite and EvaporiteHigh are stable, hard-wearing fabrics and are easy to clean. Common to both is the new industry low hidden areas within the fabric. The patented structure minimizes the amount of dirt to become trapped thus retaining the fabrics level of air permeability during its entire service life.
Evaporite and EvaporiteHigh are developed primarily for the use in packaging paper machines. Evaporite is designed to run on single tier positions or sections where lower permeabilities are required. EvaporiteHigh has an open structure suitable for applications where higher air flows or evaporation is desired.