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Papel Aralar relies on Voith for system maintenance

Fewer production shut-downs and improved performance
Senen Amunarriz with Mitxel Etxezarreta.

2017-06-01 - The paper manufacturer Papel Aralar, located west of Bilbao, has engaged Voith to handle its entire service area. This allows the company to focus on its core competence – the production of paper. With Voith, Papel Aralar has a partner that safeguards corporate assets and at the same time keeps safety and reliability in focus.

“Voith's experts look at the overall system. They always keep up-to-date and are able to assess where new technologies could or should be integrated," says Senen Amunarriz, CEO of Papel Aralar. For this reason the Spanish paper manufacturer outsourced all its service and maintenance work so it can focus on its core competencies. Thanks to this decision Papel Aralar not only has fewer production shut-downs but also profits from Voith's extensive technical know-how and many years of experience.

Sustainability is the key success factor for Voith's service team during their day-to-day work. For example, within the scope of its regular audits Voith provides different optimization options for the system to the production team of Papel Aralar. The consumption of energy, raw materials and chemicals has already been reduced. At the same time, this has increased the cost efficiency as well as the quality of the paper.

A sustainable and environmentally friendly production process is firmly anchored in Papel Aralar's corporate values. The paper manufacturer produces environmentally friendly electricity with its own hydroelectric power plant and cogeneration system. A wastewater treatment plant ensures that the water around the production plant, which borders a nature reserve, remains clean.

Along with maintenance of all machinery components, Voith also supports the company in the area of IT and process safety issues. “Since Voith's team is constantly on site and is very familiar with the system, suggestions for optimization can be implemented quickly and in the short term," says Senen Amunarriz, Senior Vice President Voith Paper in Spain.

By relying on Voith to take care of system maintenance, the company can concentrate on its core competence – the production of paper. And it can rely on a competent partner that safeguards corporate assets and at the same time keeps safety and reliability in focus.

Papel Aralar is very pleased by the success of its cooperation with Voith. Senen Amunarriz, CEO of Papel Aralar, has already indicated that the paper manufacturer will be renewing the service contract ending in 2019 for another five years