CleanWeave – a clean affair

Dryer fabrics line is being further expanded
Before/after comparison – even after six months of operation, Evaporite has only minimal dirt adherence and traces of wastage. The yarns show no fibrillation.
Stable and abrasion-resistant. The yarn material used in CleanWeave is SynStron. It was developed by Voith to resist fibrillation at a high abrasion-resistance level. Material fibrillation is known to be a magnet for attracting contamination to the yarn surface. The new Synstron material resists fibrillation and so contributes to the CleanWeave cleanliness and performance. Thus retaining the fabrics high capacity to evaporate moisture and effectively control the sheet through the dryer sections.
More than 200 Evaporite fabrics sold and used in the field show that the fabrics collect less contamination and are therefore more permeable to air than competing fabrics with a multi-layer structure. The new product line is being further expanded. CleanWeave will soon be offered for all paper grades.//