Free jet application gives maximum availability

    The Voith SpeedFlow coating unit offers a new, innovative nozzle technology that facilitates significant savings in time and money regarding your paper production.

    The modern paper industry requires optimal installation solutions according to each papermaker’s individual needs. The revolutionary Voith coating unit SpeedFlow applies the starch to the rolls as a free jet. Product changes are thus possible with a minimal outlay of time as well as little loss of starch. The easy cleaning of SpeedFlow ensures less downtime.

    Due to the revolutionary free jet applicator, the amount of starch circulated can be reduced to a minimum.
    The second major feature of SpeedFlow is the first-time mechanical decoupling of the supporting body from the rod holder and the applicator unit. Due to absolutely stable operating conditions without baffle plates or sealing strips, SpeedFlow generates lasting optimal profiles over the entire period of use.

    Compared to other conventional applicators, SpeedFlow is characterized by its integrated SpeedRod M. The most significant advantage of SpeedRod M is its very quick and easy hose replacement, making recurring damage to hoses and long shutdown times a thing of the past. SpeedFlow ensures a high level of machine availability and delivers best solutions for your paper production.

    Your benefits with SpeedFlow

    • High level of availability
    • Long lasting optimal profiles
    • Minimal amount of starch recirculated
    • Quick change of dosing elements thanks to SpeedRod M
    • Significant savings in time and money
    • Best runability with the greatest flexibility
    • No baffle plates or sealing strips

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