Lightweight rolls manufactured with a                    high-precision filament winding process

Perfecting the balance between performance and costs


Our Carbon4Roll products include power-transmitting elements, journals, a high-precision balancing ring and assembling load application. Voith Composites rolls can be equipped with an extensive cover portfolio serving every possible application: composite, polyurethane and rubber.

We manufacture rolls up to a 12m length with a maximum of 1.2m diameter and up to approximately 70mm wall thickness. We can support you with adhesive bonding, bold construction and customer-specified force introduction solutions for high loads and torques.

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Benefits of rolls by Voith Composites

    • Lightweight construction: up to 80% lighter than conventional rolls
    • Low power consumption: higher paper quality during startup
    • Lowest vibrations: precise inner contour for excellent running characteristics and material, and energy savings
    • Improved thermal stability
    • Outside diameter reduction of up to 30%.

    Composite rolls by application

      • Wire guide roll
      • Dryer felt guide roll
      • Driven wire guide roll
      • Breast roll
      • Paper guide roll

      • Measurement roll
      • Press felt roll
      • Wire pole 
      • Center supported roll

      More than lightweight: CFRP rolls

      Simina Corfariu

      European Sales Manager (Rolls & Shafts)


      t +49 89 32001 897