Faster, more precise, and higher quality manufacturing of CFRP parts

We design and produce customized ready-to-mold prepreg stacks in a fully automated process for automotive, aerospace and other industries.


Our proprietary direct fiber placement machinery (Voith Roving Application - VRA) allows for an optimized UD tape layup, including local reinforcements, at any angle with a minimum material waste. Our Carbon4Stack prepreg material allows for a significant reduction in manual labor and is suitable for press, autoclave and out of autoclave applications.

This is also available as a Carbon4Visual version for superb optics.

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Key features

    • Ready-to mold prepreg stacks without requirement for manual lamination
    • Tailored to specific customer requirements and specifications 
    • Wide range of resins and natural fibers, to satisfy all visual, class A (painted) and any structural requirement
    • Epoxy resin systems for autoclave, press and OoA applications
    • Compacted and near net shape
    • Best-in-class surface quality with no print-through and painting
    • High material drapability
    • Consistent, digitally monitored and protocolled quality management system

    So much more than a standard prepreg


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      Our tailored stacks are made of pre-impregnated 50mm-wide UD tapes. Each tape is automatically placed using our Voith Roving Applicator (VRA) technology, creating the desired tape layup. The final result is a prepreg laminate composed of multiple and multi-angled tape layers, including local structural reinforcements, compacted and cut to near net shape, ready for molding. The Voith Roving Applicator (VRA) is a fully automatic direct fiber placement machine with high, scalable lay-up rates. At JEC World 2017, the VRA technology won the JEC Innovation Award.

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      Voith Composites - More than lightweight: Your expert for CFRP stacks

      Voith Composites - More than lightweight: Your expert for CFRP stacks

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        Mario Krupka

        International Sales Manager Prepreg Stacks