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The unique combination of engineering competence and production know-how, as well as the outstanding characteristics of fiber composites, creates maximum value for you.

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Our products

    Carbon/epoxy Stacks for Tooling

    We provide you with Carbon/epoxy multi-layer tiles in 300x300mm for easier and faster composite tool manufacturing. Our online quality control ensures high quality at any time. Carbon4Tool leads to drastic reduction of manual labor and human mistakes and increases your output significantly – tool production can become up to 75% faster. Small lot sizes enable just-in-time material consumption and reduced scrap. Tailored tooling kits are also available.

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    Tailored stack made by Voith Composites
    PREPREG STACKS for components

    We design and produce customized ready-to-mold prepreg stacks in a fully automated process. Our proprietary direct fiber placement allows for optimized fiber layup, including local reinforcements in any fiber angle and minimum scrap. Carbon4Stack products lead to signifcant reduction of manual labor and are suitable for press, autoclave and OoA processes. They are also available as Carbon4Visual thanks to an outstanding surface quality and drapeability.

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    Filament winding by Voith Composites
    Rolls, shafts and pressure VEssels
    Filament winding products

    Our Carbon4Roll and Carbon4Shaft products are manufactured with a high-precision filament winding process. The carbon or glass fiber is pulled from the coil, led through a resin bath and wound onto the mandrel. We manufacture rolls with lengths of up to 13 m, diameters up to 1.2 m and wall thicknesses of up to 70 mm. In addition, we are currently developing Carbon4Tank, a type 4 CFRP hydrogen high-pressure vessel for fuel cell applications.

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    Our markets

      Find out about our current applications and successfully implemented composite projects:


      Structural component
      Audi A8 CFRP rear wall

      The rear wall is customized for the Audi A8 and displays the largest component of the occupant call. With its optimized fiber layup with 6 to 19 carbon fiber layers, it significantly contributes to the torsional rigidity of the vehicle. The rear wall is manufactured in Voith Composites' in-house developed production line and is designed to manufacture approximately 65,000 components each year. At JEC World 2018, we received the JEC Innovation Award 2018 for this digital production line.

      digital production line wins JEC Award 2018
      Class A Prepreg stacks
      Visual applications
      Class A Prepreg stacks

      Thanks to their outstanding surface quality (no print-through) and high drapability, our Carbon4Stack and Carbon4Visual products are also being used for Class A and visual applications. The usually required rework can be drastically reduced or even eliminated when working with our stacks.

      Fuel cell applications
      Carbon4Tank: CFRP hydrogen high-pressure vessels

      Voith Composites works on the next generation of hydrogen high pressure (700 bar) vessels for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV). Nowadays, reducing process costs in combination with new vessel concepts is of decisive importance. At Voith Composites, the finite element method (FEM) and winding simulation, as well as accompanying quality management during development, ensure qualitative results. Fast development loops due to the short distance to the test facilities also support this.


      Paper industry
      Carbon4Roll: High quality carbon fiber rolls for paper machines

      Guide rolls made of steel are often operated above their capacity limits, which can result in vibrations and thermal deformations. Unlike steel, the strength and rigidity of CFRP rolls can be adapted to the specific requirements without altering the installation space. Moreover, the much lower density ensures a significant weight reduction. CFRP components also offer a range of other benefits, like low thermal expansion or excellent running properties. Thus, composites are typically used for various guide rolls along the entire paper manufacturing process in the paper industry.

      Various industries
      Carbon4Shaft: High performace carbon fiber shafts

      Due to its high specific stiffness and strength, CFRP is very well suited for use in drive shafts. The performance of the material often allows a reduction in the overall costs of the system; the one-piece design avoids cost-intensive bearing points. Due to the favorable ratio of stiffness to density, CFRP drive shafts achieve a significantly higher critical bending speed than steel shafts.

      SpeedSizer AT
      Paper Industry
      CFRP applicator beam for the SpeedSizer AT film application unit

      In the papermaking process, the SpeedSizer AT improves the paper characteristics, penetration and surface coverage in a targeted fashion. Classical applicator heads are built from stainless steel, steel or cast iron. Thermal influences cause deflections at the applicator head, which can result in poor CD profiles producing coated papers. The use of CFRP achieves optimal film application with outstanding CD and MD coat weight profiles throughout all operational conditions. With a CFRP beam, the systems needs no temperature-controlled heating system, which ensures dimensional stability at all. The results are optimal profiles over the entire life cycle and lower energy consumption.

      Voith Inline Thruster
      CFRP blades for the Voith Inline Thruster

      In cooperation with Voith Turbo, blades for the Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) were manufactured from CFRP. This set a new standard for the coating quality of anti-cavitation coating. Moreover, the blades are characterized by a high UD proportion.




      Structural component
      CFRP duct segment

      Voith Composites designs and produces components for the aerospace industry, including seat components, tanks, linings, overhead storages and ducts. With the use of carbon fiber, the shown duct segment is temperature-stable, high load capable and incredibly lightweight.

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      Our preforming technologies

        Voith Roving Applicator

        Voith Roving Applicator (VRA)

        Voith Roving Applicator (VRA)

        The Voith Roving Applicator (VRA) is a fully automatic direct fiber placement machine with high, scalable lay-up rates. At JEC World 2017, the VRA technology won the JEC Innovation Award.

        The method uses cost-effective raw materials such as untreated rovings and binder powder to produce a near-net-shape dry stack as part of the fully automated preform production. The VRA produces components efficiently, inclusive of individual fiber distribution and local reinforcements.

        VRA Wins JEC Innovation Award 2017

        Voith Roving Applicator NextGen

        Voith Roving Applicator NextGen

        Voith Roving Applicator (VRA) NextGen

        Instead of applying a binder like the VRA from the first generation does, the VRA NextGen can impregnate the resin directly into the fibers. This further streamlines the process chain and makes it easier to handle workpieces – especially if they are manufactured within the same production line.

        Filament Winding Process

        Filament winding at Voith Composites

        Filament Winding Process

        The Filament Winding Process enables high precision for rolls and shafts: the fiber is unwound from a roving spool, led through a resin bath for impregnation and then wound onto the mandrel. The wound laminate is tempered in an oven to let the resin react and cure what gives the composite structure its stiffness and strength. Finally, the mandrel is pulled from the composite roll.

        Voith Prepreg Winding

        ​Voith Prepreg Winding (VPW)

        Voith Prepreg Winding (VPW)

        VPW is a winding technology for the mass production of composite preforms and components, which produces stacks especially efficiently. It processes several rovings at the same time, impregnates them with resin, and then uses a special winding process to produce two-dimensional preforms. These are preformed three-dimensionally and subsequently cured. Depending on the winding pattern, the winding process achieves a lay-up rate of up to 140 kilograms per hour.

        Different curing processes are possible, depending on requirements: (High pressure) resin transfer molding, wet compression molding or prepreg compression molding.

        Research and development

          We continue to enhance our expertise in numerous development projects – on our own and with research and industry partners.

          R&D at Voith Composites in Garching

          R&D and production center

          Voith Composites is the R&D and production center of carbon fiber-reinforced composites within the Voith Group. At two locations, our highly qualified experts develop machines for the manufacture of prototypes up to serial production. We are working with state-of-the-art development tools:


          • Design with CATIA and Inventor
          • FE simulations using ANSYS and Abaqus
          • Material analyses using DMTA, TGA, CT and microscopy
          • ThinPly
          Simulation of a CFRP component


          Using our know-how from real-life customer projects and ongoing research, we provide strong support at every stage of the development phase. From the start, we offer feasibility and concept studies for composite parts, tooling and special machinery. Working at any depth of detail required, we develop our customer’s ideas using mechanical design (CAD) to structural and process simulation (FEA) to virtual process layup – always keeping composites-based design and cost-efficient manufacturing processes in mind.



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          Voith Composites - More than lightweight: CFRP rolls

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