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Close-up of torque limiting couplings

Torque limiting couplings

Protect your driveline with intelligence

    Drivelines in rotating equipment are long term investments, worth protecting. Every minute of unplanned downtime caused by overload, is a loss in production. With outstanding safety and reliability, Voith’s torque limiting couplings protect all components in the driveline, resulting in smooth operation, less wear and tear, and maximum performance of your equipment.

    Offering you outstanding precision and reliability through:




    Accurate release torque

    Increases productivity

    Compact and customized design

    Easy driveline integration

    Set torque that remains constant over time

    No unwanted releases which reduces repair time

    Instant torque limitation in an overload situation

    Protects the driveline and avoids expensive standstill costs


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    SafeSet couplings work absolutely, reliably and without compromise.
    Hans Devell, Senior Technician for SSAB
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    Our product portfolio

      Voith's comprehensive product portfolio covers a range of torque limiting couplings with capacities from 1 to 20,000 kNm.

      In the event of a catastrophic, high-torque occurrence, the torque limiting couplings interrupt the power flow in the driveline, which minimizes damage and production downtime. Special designs provide additional advantages to the production process. SafeSet, SlipSet, SmartSet and AutoSet ensure safe operation of the driveline, by releasing or slipping at a very precise torque level. The Voith Dtect System alerts you in real-time about torque overload situations, helping further protect your investment.

      SafeSet – coupling with instant release

      SafeSet protects your driveline and maximizes production.
      Protect your driveline and maximize production with a SafeSet. The principle is simple and is based on the principles of friction and adaptability. No material fatigue or wear ensures constant torque protection during operation. The torque limiting coupling includes a twin-walled hollow sleeve. Friction is generated upon expansion by pressurized hydraulic oil. The integrated shear tube holds this pressure to ensure a constant but easy adaptable torque transmission. In an overload situation, the SafeSet slips and the shear tube shears off. Oil pressure drops and the frictional surfaces separate. Consequently, the SafeSet rotates on the bearings without transmitting any torque.

      Features and benefits

      Design features
      • Torque range between 1 and 20,000 kNm, depending on model and use
      • Adjustable torque settings to suit all applications
      • Immediate release at a pre-set torque in the event of a torque overload
      • Maximum driveline protection — damaging inertia disengage at once
      • Set torque remains constant over time
      • Quick resetting for maximum uptime
      • Custom made to suit individual requirements

      SlipSet – coupling with peak shaving

      SlipSet coupling with controlled slip
      SlipSet is designed with the ability to instantly slip instead of releasing in the event of a torque overload.
      Ensuring continuous production, the SlipSet is designed to slip in the event of an overload situation. Acting as a shock absorber in drivelines with frequent torque peaks, this torque limiting coupling safely prevents time-consuming repair work and shutdowns. This coupling is compact in design and can be installed in areas with limited space, this ensures optimal positioning in the driveline. Additionally, the SlipSet torque limiting coupling is ideally suited for applications requiring short peak loads (smaller than slip angle 120°).


      In the event of a temporary torque overload, the coupling slips to limit the torque peaks and enables continuous production. If the blockage persists, the SlipSet coupling slips until the drive can be stopped for the obstruction to be cleared. To monitor the maximum slip angle possible, we recommend the use of the Dtect system.

      Features and benefits

      Design features
      • Ideally suited for applications requiring short peak loads
      • Adjustable torque settings from 50 to 100% of maximum torque setting
      • Slip at a pre-set torque
      • Immediate slip in the event of a torque overload
      • Ensures continuous production due to torque limitation without disengagement
      • Minimized installation cost thanks to compact design
      • Less maintenance cost due to instant overload protection that protects your driveline from premature wear

      SmartSet – coupling with peak ride through and controlled release

      Torque limiting couplings from Voith prevent machine damage in high value rotating equipment. They work like a mechanical fuse in the driveline by protecting the system from costly breakdowns.
      SmartSet is a torque limiting coupling with controlled slip based on the same technology as SafeSet, with the additional ability to also slip without releasing, to reduce short duration and dynamic torque peaks without interupting production. The SmartSet principle is simple: controlled slip torque for process improvement. The SmartSet coupling has the ability to slip up to 120° without releasing to safely limit short peaks. If the torque peak is of long duration in an overload situation, the SmartSet coupling will fully release and subsequently save the driveline from serious damage.

      Features and benefits

      Design features
      • Ability to slip up to 120° during a torque peak
      • Adjustable torque settings from 50 to 100% of maximum torque setting
      • Mechanical slip and release mechanism
      • Ability to slip without release to reduce short duration and dynamic peak torques
      • Precisely adjustable slip and release torque
      • Maximum driveline protection
      • Full release during blockage

      AutoSet – coupling with controlled slip and automatic reset

      AutoSet coupling with controlled slip and automatic reset
      AutoSet, automatically resets to the pre-set torque limit after a longer overload/complete blockage.
      Controlling the slip and automatically resetting to improve performance and minimize production stoppages, this process-improving torque limiting coupling handles dynamic torque peaks of short duration safely and without releasing. The AutoSet reduces high torque peaks by slipping up to 180°. If the torque peak has a longer duration, the coupling will release entirely thereby limiting the torque.

      Features and benefits

      Design features
      • Ensures continuous production due to torque limitation without disengagement
      • Automatic resetting of slip angle
      • Complete disengagement during a long peak event
      • Automatically resets itself to the pre-set torque limit after a longer overload/complete blockage
      • Improves production, as no resetting is needed for short peaks
      • Lower maintenance cost with no manual resetting needed
      • Less investment cost, as no additional equipment is needed
      • Continuous operation, even during an overload, improves production uptime

      Dtect – coupling monitoring system

      Dtect coupling monitoring system
      Add Dtect for real-time driveline monitoring in order to prevent costly downtime with proactive maintenance.
      Increasing productivity and reducing maintenance with an integrated real-time driveline monitoring system is now a reality. Dtect is a digital intelligence system that supports better decision-making to predict potential problems, protect the driveline and prevent costly downtime. This system can be added to your torque limiting couplings to acquire the coupling’s status and in turn evaluate production whilst reducing maintenance costs.

      Features and benefits

      Design features
      • Modbus TCP/IP standard
      • Slip angle measurement
      • Relay outputs
      • Speed measurement
      • Service indicator
      • Ethernet connection
      Optional features (on request)
      • GSM module
      • Multi monitoring
      • Integrated HMI touch panel
      • Real-time monitoring of the driveline status
      • Possibility to optimize driveline performance
      • Integration with existing process monitoring systems enables platform independent supervision of data
      • Prevent costly downtime with proactive maintenance of a coupling
      • Visual and audio warning indicators can be used for making decisions and actions
      • Increase uptime of the driveline

      Wide range of applications

        Mining applications


        Protect machinery from damage by releasing or slipping at a precise set torque. Minimize operating downtime and increases production uptime. Raw materials applications include:


        • Crushers and grinders
        • Conveyors and excavators
        • Mixers and extruders
        Steel and recycling applications

        Steel and recycling

        Protect machinery from damage by releasing or slipping at a precise set torque. Metals applications include:


        • Levellers
        • Rolling and steckel mills
        • Plate and strip mills
        • Shredders
        Energy applications


        Limit torsional vibrations, protect the driveline and provide a reliable release torque. Energy applications include:


        • Gas turbines
        • Compressors
        • Wind power
        Applications in marine technology

        Marine technology

        Protect drivelines and machinery from overload and ensure a smooth, reliable propulsion. Marine applications include:


        • Propulsion
        • Thrusters
        • Water jets
        • Ship loaders
        • Dredgers
        Applications for rail vehicles and test rigs

        Rail vehicles and test rigs

        Prevent excessive torque and protect passengers in the event of failure. Mobility applications include:


        • High-speed trains
        • Test rigs
        Construction and tunnel boring applications


        Protect the driveline under excessive torque levels. Construction industry applications include:


        • Tunnel boring machines

        Engineering services

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          Our services ensure maximum return on your investment

            Professional installation, training of your driveline personnel and high-quality service ensure that your torque limiting and connection couplings meet their full design potential.


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