Scharfenberg Couplers

Service – that pays off

With a unique maintenance concept, the lifetime of your couplers gets extended.

Voith quality standards with certified processes and test reports form the basis for this. Maintenance and repair of Scharfenberg couplers are also possible in the exchange service. We deploy flexible teams of specialists for fast maintenance. In this way, your vehicle gets back on track and the lifetime of your couplers gets extended.


Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

Gottfried-Linke-Straße 205 38239 Salzgitter, Germany


t +49 5341 21-02

Service and maintenance - with Voith warranty

Due to their exposed position, rail couplers and front systems are damaged more frequently. Expert maintenance ensures that your trains are quickly back in service.

Your benefits

  • Security due to Voith warranty
  • Proactive and quick due to on-site specialists
  • Short downtimes due to prompt reaction times
  • High quality due to single-source service

Overhauls - with comprehensive safety test

We recommend that all rail couplers are revised at specified intervals. During this revision, the couplers are fully disassembled and their safety-relevant parts or parts that are subject to extreme loads are comprehensively tested.

Your benefits

  • Couplers are returned as good as new
  • Security and safety due to Voith warranty
  • High quality due to state-of-the art works halls

Spare parts - from in-house production

All spare parts are produced in accordance with our strict Voith quality standards. This applies to both original Scharfenberg couplers and couplers from other manufacturers. Original spare parts from Voith come with a guaranteed compatibility lasting for decades.

Your benefits

  • Fast and reliable spare parts supplies
  • Close-knit network of representations and workshops
  • Tested original parts for maximum safety