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Service for highly flexible couplings carbine rope

Service Highly Flexible Couplings

Service Excellence for our customers

We see Service Excellence as a level of service quality that exceeds the expectations of our customers. We will support you — anywhere in the world throughout your drive's lifetime. You can count on us from the planning and commissioning phase through to maintenance and repair.

Besides high-quality and durable products, we provide a broad range of general and engineering services relating to torsional vibrations in the drive system.


J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG

Centrumstraße 2 45307 Essen, Germany


t +49 201 55783-61

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Our Offers

Service solutions for Highly Flexible Couplings

Original Voith Spare Parts

Genuine spare and wearing parts

Nothing fits better.

Genuine Voith spare parts and wearing parts

Avoid risks by using exclusively genuine spare and wearing parts. Only these are manufactured with Voith expertise and guarantee reliable and safe operation of your Voith products. We guarantee fast availability of genuine Voith spare and wearing parts.

Your benefits

  • Safe and reliable operation of all components
  • Optimized quality accuracy of fit
  • Maximum lifetime of drive elements
  • High drive system availability
  • Fast spare parts supply

Our services

  • Most genuine spare and wearing parts warehoused at our global service branches
  • Fast shipment of stock items, by express delivery on request
  • Advice for your spare part management team
  • Grouping of repair kits, precisely matched to your highly flexible coupling and taking into account the operating conditions concerned

Spare Units

Spare parts management

Ensure availability, saving time

Spare parts management, supply concepts

An optimized maintenance strategy requires an optimized spare parts management system with individual supply concepts. We provide a holistic assessment of the drive in your system and create a forecast for your spare parts requirement. We then liaise with you to create a spare parts and wearing parts package, and define a supply concept to guarantee the spare parts availability you need. That way, you avoid unnecessary downtimes, whilst still optimizing your warehousing costs.

Your benefits

  • Reduction in unscheduled downtimes
  • Lower warehousing costs
  • Tested quality and guaranteed spare part availability
  • Reduction in lifecycle costs (LCC)

Our services

  • Advice from the spare parts management team
  • Execution of a warehouse analysis
  • Creation of supply concepts


Preventive maintenance and replacement concepts

As good as new

Replacement concept, replacing

Preventive maintenance is a strategy that is being increasingly applied for vehicles and plants. Associated measures can be extensively planned and vehicle and plant shut downs can be coordinated with requirements. Replacing your used highly flexible coupling with a refurbished one guarantees that your drive system remains available. We liaise with you to find the optimum time to replace parts.

Your benefits

  • Reduction in unscheduled outages
  • Increased drive system availability
  • Replacement coupling inspected to Voith quality standards
  • Time and cost saving

Our services

  • Flexible planning for replacing the coupling
  • Return service for the used coupling
  • Fast delivery of a complete coupling
  • Dismantling, installation and commissioning
  • Professional overhaul and repair of the coupling, covered by a full warranty

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul @ Voith

Maintenance, repair and overhaul

In the best of hands

Repairs, maintenance

Even with the best preventative maintenance, unplanned downtime and mal­func­tions are still possible. The priority then is to repair the vehicle and plant as quickly as possible. As the manufacturer, we not only have a wealth of knowledge about highly flexible couplings, but also possess the necessary technical expertise, ex­perience and tools to ensure professional repairs. Our service technicians are able to assess damage in the minimum amount of time and ensure a swift repair.

Your benefits

  • Safety through proper repair
  • Full warranty
  • Shortest possible outage and downtimes
  • Avoidance of a repeated outage or malfunction

Our services

  • Fast and professional repairs that comply with our safety standards on-site at your premises or in one of our Service centers around the world
  • Expert damage assessment with analysis of weaknesses
  • Fast delivery of genuine spare parts

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

Maintenance, repair and overhaul on site

Fast and reliable

Installation and commissioning

Proper installation of the drive system provides the basis for trouble-free commis­sioning. A systematic commissioning procedure with extensive operational testing is an important factor in achieving reliable and long-lasting operation of all drive system components.

Your benefits

  • Immediate access to expert knowledge during the entire commissioning phase
  • Guarantee of trouble-free and professional commissioning of your coupling
  • Swift and efficient commissioning of the drive

Our services

  • Examination of the delivered components
  • Installation and commissioning by our service experts
  • Training of the operating and maintenance personnel
  • On request, monitoring of the commissioning procedure, employing special test runs, trial operation and documentation of the operating data

Retrofit & Modernization

Modernization and retrofit

Performance improvement

Modernization, retrofit

Technology is forever on the move. Sometimes the original requirements on which the design of a vehicle or system was based change, for example when the engine is changed to meet the current emission regulations. A tailored modernization or retrofit of your drive systems significantly enhances their efficiency and reliability. We analyze, advise and modernize the highly flexible coupling – including the connecting components – to provide you with the latest and most cost-effective technology.

Your benefits

  • Improved reliability, availability and affordability of your drive system
  • Optimized lifetime of the coupling and the drive system as a whole
  • Adaptation of the coupling to the installation space available

Our services

  • Modernization of, or a new design for highly flexible couplings and drive technology
  • Condition analysis of the existing drive system, taking into account vibrations
  • Expert advice on modernization potential

Service Agreements

Service agreement

Assurance - Signed and Sealed

Service agreements

We offer individual Service agreements tailored to your needs and your application. This reduces the risk of vehicle outage or system shut down and the associated consequential costs. A constantly high availability of your drive system can be planned under attractive conditions with long-term predictability.

Your benefits

  • High cost-efficiency and optimized availability of vehicles, plant and machinery
  • All inspection and maintenance services from just one source
  • Long-term planning reliability with lower costs

Our services

  • Regular inspection with assessment of the drive system
  • Preventive maintenance work
  • Planning and provision of the agreed services

Technical Services

Technical services and training

Your Expert – in any situation


Key success factors for operating a vehicle or plant are safety, reliability and efficiency. These criteria are met by highly trained employees in technology and maintenance. Initial and continuing training are worthwhile investments to ensure efficient operation of your vehicles or plants.

Our training programs provide specific technical knowledge about our products. We bring your team up to speed with the latest Voith technology – in theory and in practice.

Your benefits

  • Prevention of errors during assembly, operation and maintenance
  • Reduction in downtimes and operating costs
  • Safe handling of Voith products
  • Improved understanding of Voith technology in the drive system

Our services

  • Theoretical and practical product training
  • Training on all maintenance issues
Operational testing and inspection of Voith machinery

Operational testing, inspection

An operational test tells you more about the condition of your drive system. If neces­sary, you can take preventative maintenance action. This will allow you to avoid downtimes and expensive production outages. Regular operational testing by our service technicians reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Your benefits

  • Optimization of operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduction in downtimes and outage times
  • Professional assessment of the coupling and evaluation by the manufacturer itself
  • Direct collaboration between manufacturer and operating company

Our services

  • Inspection of the highly flexible coupling by experienced service technicians
  • Monitoring and documentation of the wearing condition
  • Assessment of the general condition for the entire drive system (visual)