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Professional installation, training of your driveline personnel and high quality service make sure your torque limiting and connection couplings meet their full design potential. Proactive service and maintenance ensure the accuracy and reliability of your coupling, guarantee continuous operating performance and reduce life cycle costs.

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Service solutions for SafeSet

Maintenance, repair and overhaul @ Voith

Maintenance, repair and overhaul for torque limiting and connection couplings at Voith

In the best of hands

The production and service center in Hudiksvall provides service and maintenance for torque limiting and connection couplings. We regularly carry out scheduled service, maintenance and repairs. Scheduled servicing is the key to maintaining the highest continuous operating performance and reduces life cycle costs. Planned checks and repairs can be carried out on-site or in our service centers. During on-site service we train your personnel how to operate the couplings and settings, which enables correct handling and optimization of the driveline.

Health check
Recommended after 2-3 years of operation. Several checks are carried out to make sure that the coupling is functioning as it should We also pass on our driveline knowledge and our expertise to your personnel, as we train them during a Health Check. An internal oil flush is performed to clean the friction surfaces, which are vital for torque limitation.

Major overhaul
Recommended after 5-7 years of operation. The coupling is disassembled and a more thorough check and calibration of the friction surfaces are carried out. This includes inspection, cleaning, replacements if needed and function control checks.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul on site

Maintenance, repair and overhaul for torque limiting and connection couplings on site

Fast and reliable

We assist during installation, initial start-up and final commissioning. Our assembling of your coupling gives you the peace of mind that it has been correctly built in and also comes with a warranty. We train your personnel how to operate the coupling and to optimize performance to maintain constant reliability. This enables your workface to manage the driveline more efficiently, improves personal safety and gives a broader perspective of driveline dynamics for your application. Our training provides your personnel with the knowledge and skills to resume production as soon as possible after overload situation. Your maintenance staff can also attend a Voith training session at one of our sites. The training gives a deeper product understanding and in-depth maintenance knowledge.

Installation and training

  • Ensures correct build in situation
  • Assembly includes warranty
  • Training of your personnel for correct handling
  • Increased personal safety

Original Voith spare parts

Safeset oil as original Voith spare parts

Nothing fits better

Voith offer all the necessary spare parts and equipment needed to operate your couplings.
Some parts are customized and are available upon request.

Equipment for easy handling

Shear tubes

Depending on the size of the coupling and its application, the coupling could have between 1 to 12 shear tubes of a suitable size installed.
Shear tubes with extended heads are also available for couplings where external release capability is required such as engine test benches.


Safeset Oil 522 Pressurizing fluid for all couplings, hydraulic fluid.
SafeSet Oil 624 Lubrication fluid for all couplings.

Pumps and service box as Voith original spare parts


For pressurizing your coupling, Voith offer a complete range of hydraulic pumps; from manual versions to powered variants.
The size of the pump will be dependent of the size of the coupling to be pressurized.

Service box

Each service box is adapted for the specific type of coupling. Just a few of the equipment needed are, for example, torque wrenches, allen wrenches and plug pullers.



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