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CLDP Servo Drives – CLDP Linear Drives

CLDP servo drives are linear drives with hydraulic power transmission. This makes the drives nearly wear-free and gives them unlimited overload protection. They fea­ture compact design and an integrated closed-loop hydraulic system. The servo drives have only a few electrical interfaces. No knowledge of hydraulics is required for installation and commissioning.

CLDP linear drives have been standardized. The large number of designs and sizes allows you to make a quick and ideal choice for your application. Time and effort for engineering the drive itself are unnecessary. Applications include almost any linear motion requiring high dynamics and precision.


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Technical data

Maximum force 25 – 500 kN
Maximum traverse speed 70 – 640 mm/s
Maximum acceleration up to 20 m/s2
Stroke lengths 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 mm
Control modes Position control and/or force control
Position-control precision 0.01 mm
Force-control precision ± 0.5% of setpoint
Service interval 3 years or 20,000 operational hours

Looking for a linear drive with different data? We are sure to have a solution for that one as well.

Typical applications

  • Automation of all kinds of linear motions
  • Component handling
  • Machines with bending, shearing, and forming processes

Advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
  • Servo drive with hydraulic power transmission.
  • The drive is wear-resistant and absolutely overload-safe.
  • Your drive components and moving parts have a long lifetime.
  • After an overload occurs, your machine or equipment can be quickly and easily restarted.
  • The drive has only a few electrical interfaces.
  • This keeps your startup effort and costs low.
  • Personnel with knowledge of hydraulics is not required.
  • Closed-loop hydraulic system with no directional control valves or servo valves.
  • The integrated hydraulic system is a stand-alone system (self-contained).
  • You save the procurement and maintenance costs required for an external hydraulic power pack with all of its piping and tubing.
  • The linear drive is easy and cost-effective to install in machines and equipment.
  • The hydraulic cylinder is controlled with a servo pump whose flow rate is matched to the cylinder sur­faces.
  • Simple and compact design with no classic valve and control technology.
  • The linear drive requires up to 50% less energy, reducing your operational costs.
  • The costs for commissioning, training, and maintenance are low.
  • Hydraulic system throttle losses are kept to a minimum.
  • The drive is energy-efficient and has low cooling requirements.
  • Standardized linear drive with very few components and modular design.
  • This keeps planning costs associ­ated with system integration low.
  • A large number of designs and sizes are available.
  • This reduces development times and development costs asso­ci­ated with your machinery or equipment.