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Variable Speed Couplings for Cooling Fans

Variable Speed Coupling TurboCool

The Voith TurboCool coupling optimizes the operation of gas compressor stations with engine driven cooling fans. This coupling reliably regulates the speed of the fans to maintain optimum cooling performance.

The advantages:

  • The cooling system does not freeze up and does not overheat. This increases availability to the compressor station.
  • The cooling system requires less power. Increase of gas production is possible with saved power.
  • Lower cooling capacity means lower CO2 emissions and lower fan noise. Environmental pollution is reduced.

TurboCool transmits power hydrodynamically, this means through moving fluid. Power transmission is thus wear-free. Connection to three-phase supply is not necessary. Thus, the coupling is directly applicable to remote compressor stations which are not connected to the power grid. The coupling can be integrated into new as well as existing systems. It has power from 45 to 110 kW.



Variable Speed Coupling TurboCool


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