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Voith Turbo A / S are a subsidiary (100%) of Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG, Germany and were founded in 1991. Our expertise lies within our market areas in both sales and service.


Voith Turbo A/S
Ringstedvej 233
4600 Koege
+45 46 14 15 50

Your Partner for industrial applications 

Competence of Voith Turbo is to convert primary energy into mechanical energy. We offer products and know-how in areas such as energy production and supply, offshore petrochemical plants and the chemical industry, for handling heavier raw materials and natural resources, as well as general transmission tasks within the heavier metal and process industries.

Commercial Vehicles

Voith Turbo drive and braking systems for wheeled vehicles provides high security, reliability and driving comfort. They ensure optimum acceleration and efficient retardation in buses, trucks and special vehicles.
More than 150,000 buses worldwide runs with Voith Turbo automatic transmission. Especially here has the unique differential converter proved its worth.Voith Turbo hydrodynamic retarder is among the most effective brake systems for buses and trucks. Voith retarder brakes completely without wear: 275,000 units in operation all over the globe.Voith highly elastic torsional vibration damper Hydro Steam extends the life of the drive line, and allows smooth ride with even very low revs.With these and other products Voith Turbo contributes actively to the global environmental protection.

Service center for Commercial Vehicles

Voith Turbo A/S has a well-stocked workshop with skilled technicians who can service all the products offered. Our stock has the necessary spare parts to serve our customers optimally.
For testing of renovated gears we have our own test bench for that purpose. All data are collected centrally on our server for later references.
Furthermore we have an exchange program in automatic gearboxes.
Service is also performed at the customer.


Among our satisfied clients at our workshop you will find among others:   



Odense Bytrafik


Nuup Bussi (Godthåb, Grønland)


City Trafik





MAN Bus 



Marine Technology

Precise maneuvering skills are a prerequisite for achieving enhanced maritime safety for the benefit of crew, passengers and the marine environment. Voith Turbo Marine has focused on this task for nearly 80 years.

The first Voith Schneider Propellers which combine rudder and propulsion system in one unit was manufactured in 1926. Voith Schneider Propellers has since been enhanced and is now the most maneuverable and among the most efficient propulsion systems.

Rail Vehicles

Voith Turbo is one of the leading suppliers of systems and components for railway vehicles. Our competent and flexible engineering services are characterized by long experience. Voith Turbo transmissions, couplers and retarders have become indispensable in rail vehicles worldwide.Voith Turbo components ensure easy walk, reliability and economy. Hydrostatic, electric or mechanical: Voith Turbo's product portfolio ranges from individual components to complete solutions.




The market leader for clutches and collision absorption of railway vehicles - has been part of Voith Turbo since 1998. Scharfenberg couplers are for example used in DSB's new S-trains and DSB and SJ's Oresund.

With knowledge and experience Voith Turbo Scharfenberg GmbH & Co. KG develops customized solutions which have a good reputation worldwide.

Voith Turbo A/S has had its own workshop in Denmark for more than 15 years, where wheel sets for all types of rail vehicles are renovated. In addition Voith Turbo A/S deals other spare wheels, including wheels, axles, brake discs, bearings and much more.

In addition to the group's many products for the railway industry Voith Turbo A/S also have negotiations of several complementary products within the railway.

Rail Workshop

Voith Turbo A/S has its own workshop in Denmark, where we carry out repairs and renovations of wheel sets for all types of rail vehicles.
For this purpose, Voith Turbo A/S import and stock many spare parts, including wheels, axles, brake discs, bearings and much more. In addition to shaft work we also repair and renovate shaft gears.

Voith Turbo A/S is certified to perform ultrasonic testing of rail vehicles.


Our customers at the workshop includes:
Lokalbanen A/S
Vestsjællands Lokalbaner A/S
Nordjyske Jernbaner A/S
Lollandsbanen A/S
Odderbanen A/S
Arriva Tog A/S
Lemvigbanen A/S
Banedanmark A/S
Metro Service A/S
DanSteel A/S

Our Trading Products 

Besides Voith Turbo's own products, we deal with a range of related quality of products:


• Jaure
Flexible couplings and transmission elements. Captures all misalignments. See more about application, capacity, and the different types of couplings on http://www.jaure.com/ • Multiport
Cable Channels manufactured from recycled plastic. The cables are located in channels but are available. The channels can be molded down, or simply placed on top of the soil. See more http://www.m-port.de/

Commercial Vehicles
• Hywema
Mobile lifting unit for both buses and trucks and whole trains. See more http://www.hywema.de/ • Multiport
Cable Channels manufactured from recycled plastic. See more http://www.m-port.de/ • Fogmaker
High-pressure fire suppression systems with water mist for engine compartments. Fogmaker are specialized in buses, forest machines, mine machines, contractor machinery, specialized vehicles, generators and other applications.

Brake discs for all types of trains.
• Bonatrans
Railway Wheels
• TMD Friction
Brake linings for trains.
• Multiport
Cable Channels manufactured from recycled plastic. For simple laying of cables along the railroad line. Applied to Copenhagen Metro. See more http://www.m-port.de/ • NextSence
Hand-held and robotic profile measurement devices See more www.nextsence.at/en

Voith in Denmark 

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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and industrial services. Voith offers its Danish customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services.

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