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Voith Paper Vaassen

Voith Paper Vaassen was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Voith Paper GmbH. Our company supplies spare parts and provides a wide range of services for the paper industry.

Our efficient preventive maintenance and repair services increase the availability and the service life of your equipment. We have established strong partnerships with our customers located in Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany.


Voith Paper B.V.
Radeweg 14
8171MD Vaassen

+31 578 579 700


Besides maintenance we offer specialist knowhow in repair (on site or in our workshops)

  • Rechroming of screen baskets
  • Hard surfacing of wear parts
  • Repair of machine bodies and bearing assemblies
  • Repair of screws of screw-presses
  • Dynamic balancing (G2,5 ISO1940/1)


  • Used equipment
  • Sale and purchase through our website
  • Dismantling, overhaul and installation of existing equipment
  • Overhaul of bearing assembly units
  • Overhaul of machine bodies
  • Overhaul of cleaners cones
  • Equipment upgrading
Our preventive maintenance and repair services increase availability and lifespan of your equipment. We have established strong partnerships with our customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany. The following services are offered:

  • Field services
  • Periodic inspection of machines and components
    • Reports are generated on and send from tablet
  • Dewatering service for fiber and sludge
    • disk filters
    • screw presses
  • Maintenance contract for preventive/predictive maintenance
  • Technological Support
  • Wear of screenbaskets

Sand and other hard contaminants are the cause of wear of screenbaskets. The loss of profile in Cbar baskets is detrimental to loss of performance. Periodic replacement of the hardchrome layer on the profiles ensures uninterrupted performance and prolonged lifetime of the basket.

  • Cleaning

Prior to inspection all baskets are cleaned thoroughly. Contaminants, sticky materials, chalk-like deposits are removed, sometimes with special chemicals.

  • Inspection

The condition of the screenbasket is investigated and protocolled. Tests cover topics like profile-depth, slot width, roundness, wear and damage.

  • Repair and chrome

The damage of the screenbasket is restored, the slots and the end of the rings are polished. After repairing, the screenbasket is re-chromed.

An increasing number of customers prefer a contractual basis for periodic repair and reconditioning of the machines and components in their stock preparation. These service contracts can be all-inclusive, offering any repair work, delivery of parts, replacements and overhaul; or, limited to any of these aspects.

Individual components like rotors, bearing assemblies, etc. are made available to customers for the duration of the contract. Their repair and overhaul are an integral part of the contract.

A fixed monthly rate for the duration of the contract is the keystone in an administrative lean way of cooperation.

Spare parts management


  • stock management
  • consignment stock
  • leasing of parts

Used equipment

We offer affordable alternatives to new equipment. Our inventory of used equipment includes completely overhauled, or modified to the latest available version, as well as equipment in its “as-is” state: in the condition the machine was received into our used inventory.

Follow the link below to see our second-hand machines and spare parts available in stock:   

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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and services. Voith offers its customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services that serve the five essential markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive in the Benelux.

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