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Voith Turbo in London

Voith Turbo in the United Kingdom operates from two closely located sites in London. The main site is located in Croydon and the second site is Greenford.

Our Croydon site is the base for all our sales teams except Rail, and all Support functions. We have a large, modern workshop with production facilities that service the entire Voith Turbo range.

Greenford is our dedicated rail facility; it is the base for our rail sales team and is our main rail workshop, where all Voith Turbo rail products can be handled.

In addition, in Croydon we manufacture, sell and provide full support services for the Fluidrive range of Fluid Couplings.

Due to their reliability and durability our products are the long term solution for demanding applications in all industries within the UK an worldwide.


Voith Turbo Ltd.
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey, CR0 4XB
+44 208 667 0333

Voith Turbo Ltd.
Unit 49 Metropolitan Park, Bristol Road
Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8UP
Tel.: +44 208 667 0333

Marine Technology

Be it at sea, in port, rivers or lakes Voith makes manoeuvring more precise, safer and faster to meet the ever increasing demands of modern shipping. Through constant innovation highly efficient thrusters have been developed to provide propulsion packages that maximise vessel operability.
Working with ship owners and designers Voith provides unique solutions for operations in offshore vessels, ferries, tugs and naval vessels. To support the thrusters a comprehensive support programme is provided for maintenance, refurbishment and life extension programs to ensure long life.

To continue setting the standards in the future, Voith carries out comprehensive research. After all, one thing is certain; many years of experience results in more safety on the water, and Voith has been developing technical solutions for all kinds of watercraft for over 85 years now.

For Marine, Voith can offer the following solutions:

Voith Schneider propellers
Voith Inline thrusters
Voith Linear Jet
Voith Radial Propeller
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

Rail Vehicles

Voith Turbo Rail is one of the world’s foremost suppliers of integrated systems and components for rail vehicles, ranging from locomotives, light rail, trams, DMU’s, EMU’s and high speed trains. Voith’s reputation for high quality and innovation is based on 150 years of experience with an absolute passion for quality, technical excellence and “Engineered Reliability”.
Voith’s extensive product range covers complete driveline technology; powerpacks, engines, transmissions, gear units cardan shafts, highly flexible couplings, cooling systems and complete wheelsets. Voith Scharfenberg is the world-wide market leader for modular composite train front ends, crash energy management systems, semi-permanent and automatic couplers.

Voith’s global capabilities encompass design, manufacture, service and aftermarket with products designed for new build and retro-fit applications. Local aftermarket support is a key part of Voith’s business and this covers the complete range of services including overhaul, repair, upgrades, spare parts and service support.

With an extensive product and system portfolio, Voith is the perfect partner to support train builders, rolling stock owners, train operators and train maintainers.

Voith Turbo in the UK continually support their customers through new product sales and attentive aftermarket service, backed up with the support from Voith’s headquarters in Heidenheim.

For Rail, Voith can offer the following solutions:

Scharfenberg Automatic Couplers
Scharfenberg Semi-Permanent Couplers
Wedgelock Couplers
Adaptor Couplers
Front End Assemblies
Energy Absorbers
Anti-Climber Buffers
Final Drives
Motor Gear Units
Hydrodynamic Turbo Transmissions
Hydro-mechanical DIWA Transmissions
Cooling Systems
UltraCAPS Starting Devices
Spring Couplings
Highly Flexible Couplings
Cardan Shafts
Safeset Couplings
OPTISYS – retrofitable vehicle intelligence
OPRA Asset Management System
Unit 49 Metropolitan Park,
Bristol Road,

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

Power Generation

Variable speed drives from Voith can be used in conjunction with Compressors, Pumps and Fans for a vast array of applications. Complete solutions enable Voith drive systems to transmit power and control speeds to maximise the efficiency of your plant or process.
For applications requiring only speed conversion we can offer our Voith (BHS) turbo gear units which can transmit powers up to 170MW and speeds of 100,000rpm.
Voith couplings and turbo gears have an enviable reputation of reliability and long life, giving the operator low production and maintenance costs. With a worldwide engineering team Voith can meet all your service requirements from health checks to complete overhauls meeting tight deadlines and schedules.

For Power, Voith can offer the following solutions:

Variable Speed Drive Systems
Turbo Gear Systems
Actuator and Control Systems
Hydraulic Systems
Safeset Safety Couplings
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

Oil and Gas

Dealing in all aspects of Oil & Gas production, upstream, midstream, downstream and transportation, Voith equipment is installed within all of the critical applications, onshore/offshore including Power Generation, Compression and Pumping. The demands on the equipment are high and reliability / availability of such equipment is crucial for our customers operations to function. The equipment plays an active role in process/production activities and also life cycle costs of the overall plant.
All Voith equipment such as Variable Speed Drives (VSD) or High Capacity Turbo Gears (BHS) set the benchmark within the industry for quality, innovation and design. Voith are committed to supporting their equipment, responding to customer needs irrespective of location.

Regardless of whether it is the production, treatment or transport of oil and gas – each sector has its own challenges. Despite this, the demands on equipment and systems in the entire value-added chain are similar: safer processes, high product quality and, last but not least, low life cycle costs. You will find Voith drive and control systems as well as fluid power in innumerable applications in the upstream, midstream and downstream areas.

For Oil and Gas, Voith can offer the following solutions:

Variable speed couplings (same speed/soft start)
Geared variable-speed couplings (speed increasing)
Torque converters (Gas Turbine Starter Modules)
Hydrodynamic variable-speed planetary gear unit Vorecon
Parallel shaft gear units
High-speed integral gear units
Epicyclic gear units
Rotor turning gears
Diaphragm couplings
Servo motors
IH converters
Steam Turbine Control systems

In terms of service the following solutions can be offered:

Onshore/offshore engineering support
Retrofit Projects
Reverse Engineering Capabilities
VA Analysis
In-house Testing (Spin Test)
Gear Teeth Profiling
Re-rating of existing equipment
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

BHS Turbo Gear Units

We provide high-performance and high-quality gear components which are essential for turbine drives and motor drives
BHS is used for all applications within Power, Oil and Gas.

Voith can offer the following Solutions:

Power Generation
Barring Drives
Air Separation (compression)
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

Fluid Couplings

The hydrodynamic principle of a fluid coupling makes it easy to gently accelerate driven machines. At the same time, fluid couplings limit torque, provide load sharing, and dampen torsional vibrations.

Voith offers fluid couplings and solutions for highly efficient and reliable drive system solutions for the mining industry and the handling of raw materials, speed control of pumps and fans.
The coupling protects the drive system from damage even under extreme operating conditions. This reduces down time and ensures a continuous production process.

Our drive solutions are reliable and specifically tailored to each drive system – from individual couplings to complete driveline solutions.

The transmittable power ranges from 300 W up to 6 MW.

Constant-fill fluid couplings
Variable Speed Couplings
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

Mining and Steel Industry

Reliable and robust driveline solutions are essential for equipment used in highly demanding, high productivity and technically advanced applications. Voith can provide the components, the engineering and service know-how to achieve reliable performance under these arduous or hazardous conditions.
Voith manufacture a range of products that offer specific benefits to the driveline. These include fluid couplings for a soft start of high inertia machinery, highly flexible couplings to tune the resonant frequency of a drive line away from its operating speed range. HyCon, HyGrip and HyLoc couplings offer quick setting, backlash free connection. Safeset offers protection to the driveline and connected equipment from potential damaging torque spikes and cardan shafts to transmit torque between the driving and driven components.

A drive system selected by Voith could contain any number of our key products selected from our proven experience and advanced selection methods, selected specifically to meet you’re highly demanding requirements.

A drive system from Voith will help you avoid unplanned down time, increase your productivity and reduce your life cycle cost.

A drive system from Voith is “Engineered Reliability”.

For Mining and the Steel Industry, Voith can offer the following solutions:

Fluid Couplings
Highly Flexible Couplings
HyCon/ HyGrip/ Hyloc Couplings
Safeset Couplings
Cardan Shafts
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

Hydraulic Systems and Components

Hydraulic systems and components from Voith are highly dynamic, precise and sturdy. We custom make our hydraulic solutions. Unique advantages are at the forefront in development for our customers. Our systems often reach a level of efficiency that is two to three times better than a common solution.
We consider ourselves the engineering partner for our customers. Innovative products are created with our system competence that have all the characteristics of modern fluid technology.

For Hydraulic Systems, Voith can offer the following solutions:

Hydraulic power pack
Actuators (cylinder, hydraulic motor)
Control system (valves, control block)
Hardware and software for activation, control and process monitoring
Internal gear pumps

In addition Voith Turbo in the UK are pleased to be the UK agent for the Swiss Company Bieri Hydraulik AG, suppliers of medium and high pressure hydraulic components, a Portfolio of their Standard product range can be found here
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333

Commercial Vehicles

Economical drive systems
DIWA Transmission for buses
The Voith DIWA Bus transmission is supplied to transport operators and OEMs throughout the world. They have proven themselves in large city applications and are perfectly matched for all EURO 6 engine applications. We match the driveline components to optimise drivability and maximise fuel consumption.
Automatic Transmissions
The commercial vehicle team in the UK provide a transmission service exchange (SX) program that incorporates a fully rebuilt and warranted replacement bus transmission backed up by our OEM warranty. Voith SX transmissions are rebuilt to factory standards by the original manufacturer using genuine original parts. Each transmission is upgraded to the latest configuration and is thoroughly tested in our state of the art facility in Croydon.

Retarders for Coaches and Trucks
Hydrodynamic retarders work virtually wear-free. They do not lock, overheat or fade. This enables vehicles to reach higher average speeds while safety is increased; the service brakes are fully operational at all times and last considerably longer. The smooth braking of even the heaviest masses and the remarkable continuous braking power of the retarder make it an important safety factor for coaches and trucks. As of today, more than 500 000 Voith retarders have been supplied worldwide.

Hydrodamp Torsional Vibration Dampers
The introduction of low-emission engines with high torques has sharply increased drive line vibrations. With the Voith Hydrodamp, a highly elastic torsional vibration damper, drive lines can be designed which produce less vibrations and noise. The Hydrodamp is an active contribution to the protection of our environment. It allows driving in the lower speed range which results in reduced fuel consumption and increased service life of the drive line itself.

Compressor LP490 and LP700
Traveling economically and saving the environment. Auxiliary units such as Voith air compressors in trucks and buses can contribute significantly to this. The Voith two-stage compressor with inter-cooling system requires significantly reduced power uptake during transport operation. The LP490 and LP700 compressor is available with major European engine manufacturers for Euro 6 applications.

For Commercial Vehicles, Voith can offer the following solutions:

Automatic Transmissions
Hydrodamp Torsional Vibration Dampers
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

T:  +44 208 667 0333


Voith is a global supplier of capital machinery to the paper industry. To compliment this, our Division Trading represents a number of companies outside of the Voith Group who are active in the European paper industry.
These are:

Martin Lohse GmbH – manufacturer/suppliers of a wide range of valves for the paper industry.

Maschinenbau Lohse GmbH – manufacturers of waste processing stand-alone machines and systems for the waste industry.

Stamm GmbH – manufacturers of showers and oscillators for the paper industry.

Siebfabrik, Arthur Maurer GmbH – manufacturers of stainless steel, phosphor bronze, synthetic meshes and synthetic belts for the paper and fibre cement, fibre glass industries.
6 Beddington Farm Road
Croydon, Surrey,
England CRO 4XB

Tel: +44 208 667 0333


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