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Manufacturing activities are carried out in a scientifically planned way on modern machines. The manufacturing operations involve raw materials, production machineries and process control and energy conservation. Machineries and control equipment are reviewed regularly for technological modification, up gradation and calibration. Weaving is carried out on heavy duty modern wide looms, which are capable of producing fabrics of all the required varieties and dimensions. Fiber-locking process is carried out on technically advanced machines which ensure proper locking of the fiber layers with the base fabrics to achieve desired characteristics. In the Seaming section PLC controlled precision seaming-heads are available to produce a wide range of fabrics for forming and dryer applications. Intermediate processes like heat setting, surface treatment and finishing of the products are done on modern finishing equipment, tailor made for the purpose. Being a pioneer in this field, Mono Link Fabrics are made in a precisely controlled facility.

Research and Development

VPFV is adequately equipped with Research and Development facilities which are recognized by the Government of India. New designs, product innovations, process efficiency, quality control and import substitution are areas of activity in this department. A team of dedicated technologists are using modern testing facilities in the Research & Development Center, in that constantly upgrading process and product technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the customers. Understanding the customer requirements and problems to find out satisfactory solutions is the focus of activity. A detailed database regularly through customer interface helps the Research & Development professionals in carrying out innovations and establishing product qualities.

Sales & Marketing

The customer is the focus and VPFV is conscious that their needs have to be clearly understood to serve them better. This is borne in mind while drawing up operational plans. The domestic and export marketing activities are managed at Faridabad. To improve the service to the customers in India, through a greater interaction, regional marketing offices were also set up in Chennai, Hyderabad and Vapi.
The location of the marketing department provides for effective exchange of information with the technology cell on the customers´ requirements and problems. This cell having close interaction with manufacturing department decides on products and processes.

The ability of an organization to realize its objectives ultimately depends on its human resources. Qualified, skilled motivated employees have been a source of great strengths to VPFV. Opportunities and guidance is provided by the company to improve the skills which benefit the personnel as much as the organization. Personnel policies at VPFV are based on keeping in mind the factors such as working ambiance, welfare, team-work, training and remuneration schemes which is aimed to keep the employees engaged and motivated.


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For redressal of their complaints and / or grievances, if any, the investors may contact us at following e-mail ID: investorcare.vffa@voith.com

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