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Forming Fabric

VPFV offers to its customers, state of art forming fabrics for a wide range of paper making applications. These fabrics are woven on highly advanced looms and processed under strict quality systems to meet specific customer needs. A well trained team works closely with customers to supply them fabrics suitably selected and tailored correctly for their individual requirements.

Fabrics are available in wide range of drainage, fiber support and permeability combinations.

Press Fabric

VPFV design and manufacturing capabilities enable it to successfully meet any wet end application requirement of the pulp, paper and paper board industry.

This product range includes full range of Wet Press Felts: single layer, double layer, laminated and Vector.

All the above are specially designed and manufactured to suit individual applications.

Roll Covers, QualiFlex sleeves for shoe press and Doctor Blades

We have entire range of roll covers and doctor blades for each and every position of different types of paper machines.

Dryer Fabric

VPFV design and manufactures complete range of dryer fabrics for pulp, paper and paper board industry.

VPFV dryers are preferred because of :

  • Ease of seaming/joining
  • Fabric stability
  • Drying efficiency
  • Sheet runnability
  • Non-marking surface
  • Wear resistance
  • Degradation resistance hydrolysis

Fiber Cement

Felts for the Fiber Cement Market
This Fabric is used for making Fiber Cement sheets and pipes.

Our felts are specifically designed to be utilized within fiber cement production.
They provide desired stability as well as durability and ensure machine performance.


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For redressal of their complaints and / or grievances, if any, the investors may contact us at following e-mail ID: investorcare.vffa@voith.com

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