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RailPack 400DE

At Home on Long-Distances. Turbo Transmissions for Railcars and Special Rail Vehicles
Voith further emphasizes its systems philosophy with its Motor-Gear Units which can be fitted with hydrodynamic, electric and hydro mechanical drives.
At this year’s Innotrans 2016, Voith will display the RailPack 400DE, a diesel-electric railpack that accelerates rail vehicles to up to 120 km/h. The possibility to switch system from electric to diesel-electric is as much a benefit of the drive system as its tolerance to extreme climatic conditions: it can withstand temperatures of as low as minus 40° Celsius. It is equipped with an integrated underfloor cooling system that regulates the temperature of the generator using water. The maximum output is 383 kVA.

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Find us here at InnoTrans 2016 - booth 220 in hall 1.2


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