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Scharfenberg SA3 Coupler with Energy Absorption

Freight applications are characterized by high strength requirements and rough conditions.
SA 3 Kupplung
Bulk material in particular may cause tenacious soiling, which drives specialized high-tech couplers out of the market. What is needed here is a simple and robust coupler that requires hardly any maintenance even in rough environment. Another aspect that becomes increasingly important is energy absorption. An update of the DIN EN 15227 will define crash worthiness requirements for locomotives for the first time. SA3 couplers are the perfect example of all freight couplers. SA3 coupler heads are extremely robust and designed for heavy load applications, like those in coals or iron ore transportation.
Voith has developed an advanced, modular type of the SA3 coupler head. Integrated in air pipe connections, electric heads or sensors, the SA3 couplers allow a higher degree of automation which particularly is appealing for locomotives. Voith will show the first serial SA3 coupler with energy absorption worldwide.

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