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Day after day, Voith Turbo contributes to moving millions of people, goods and machines reliably. Our highly advanced technologies transmit and control powers under extreme conditions – safely and resource-sparingly.

in Italy, Voith Turbo s.r.l. offers a comprehensive range of services and products: original spare parts sales, technical service assistance, repairs, overhauls and maintenance work either in our workshop or at the customer´s premises.

We provide proactive customer service and tailor-made service concepts. Our drive components and systems can be found in a wide variety of industries: they are installed wherever power has to be converted into controlled movement.


Voith Turbo s.r.l.
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42122 Reggio Emilia


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Code of Conduct

"...Besides expecting high-quality products and services, our customers, suppliers and other business partners expect a high degree of professionalism and integrity in our dealings with them. For this reason, our communications and contractual relationships should always be characterized by correctness, honesty and transparency..." Voith Turbo S.r.l. adopted an Organization Model according to the Italian law D.LGS. 231/2001 and the related Code of Conduct.
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Commercial Vehicles 

Voith Turbo's driving and braking systems for wheeled vehicles ensure high safety, reliability and driving comfort, thus guaranteeing optimal acceleration together with efficient retardation in buses, trucks and special vehicles.
The development of automatic transmissions, hybrid systems, retarders, vibration dampers, air compressors and TurboCompound systems occurs in close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers. 

Compact, light, reliable - these are the essential requirements for components and systems. Always in the foreground and every drop of fuel is used as efficiently as possible.


+39 052 235 6733


Rail Vehicles 

Voith components & systems for rail vehicles allow better efficiency, higher speeds, more comfort and maximum reliability. In this way we are safeguarding a significant portion of mobility. Today and worldwide. 
Rail travel has connected people for a long time. The world is moving ever faster in today's information age. Be it high-speed trains, locomotives, metros, EMUs or DMUs  - our components and Systems make rail travel possible at higher speeds, with greater comfort, reduced energy consumption and lower emissions.

Marine technology 

Be it out at sea or in port, on rivers or lakes - Voith makes maneuvering more precise, safer and faster.
Voith has been developing technical solutions for all kinds of watercraft for 90 years now.  We offer custom-made propulsion systems as well as a complete vessel -  the Voith Water Tractor. 

To continue setting the standards in the future, Voith Marine R&D department  carries out comprehensive research. Our vessel simulator allows customers to test the maneuverability and power potential of their vessels, even before the start of vessel construction.

Power, Oil & Gas  

Voith's drive and control systems are widely applied in oil &gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.
Our variable speed drives transmit powers up to 65 MW, control the compressors, pumps and fans speed, cutting energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions. Our turbo gear units are able to meet the highest requirements in driving compressors, generators, pumps and fans, reaching the maximum speed of 100.000 rpm and powers up to 170 MW. Our devices for controlling steam and gas valves for turbine regulation guarantee excellent accuracy and reliability.  

Mining and Metals

Voith technologies help to extract and transport important raw materials
At first glance, they often go unnoticed, but couplings, gearboxes and many other Voith components are in non-stop operation in conveyor systems all over the world. Above and below ground, they contribute to the constant availability of raw materials such as coal, copper, nickel, etc., for industrial processes.

Original Voith spare parts and services ensure the best quality 

With tailor-made service solutions from Voith, you can increase the efficiency, dependability and operational reliability of your systems and vehicles, over their entire lifetime. Our service team is available to you worldwide.  

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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and industrial services. Voith offers its Italian customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services that serve the five essential markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive in Italy.

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