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Service center – generator and turbine

There are a considerable number of units in Norway, which in the not too distant future will be in need of rehabilitation, both generators and turbines.

Voith Hydro AS in Fredrikstad is responsible for the service market for turbines and generators. The company has modern workshop facilities for generator and turbine service, as well as premises for its own production of Resin Rich windings.


Voith Hydro AS
Kortbølgen 11
1630 Gamle Fredrikstad, Norway

Postal Address
PO box 35
1650 Sellebakk, Norway 
+47 69 38 46 00
Our production of generator windings is unique in Norway. The workshop can manufacture pole windings as well as complete stator windings for voltages up to
15 kV, while higher voltages are produced by Voith Hydro in Brazil and in the US.

The company is responsible for all turbine rehabilitations, which are carried out in a separate workshop and by a fast network of local subcontractors.

Service workshop with winding production

The 3200 square meter large workshop holds a production hall for high-voltage windings (Resin Rich), a high-voltage laboratory, a workshop for pole revisions and mechanical rehabilitation tasks.

The company has an approved apprenticeship scheme and trains apprentices in the transformer and generator winding field. This is unique in Norway, and has been made possible by the winding production of the company.
The company’s supply range includes small spare parts as well as larger upgrading projects. The company cooperates frequently with other Voith Hydro companies in Norway and Sweden.

Being a leading supplier to Norwegian power producers, the company aims to achieve further growth in the service market for generators and turbines in Norway. Fast response and flexibility are core criteria in the company’s business strategy.

The company is staffed by competent and experienced specialists capable of successful project implementations. The company handles projects with its own staff in all central functions, e.g. project managers, engineers, mechanics, site supervisors, winders and fitters.

The company is located in Øra industrial area in Fredrikstad.

A full-scale supplier in the Norwegian hydroelectric power market

Hydropower has always been Norway's most important power production source. Although new technology is constantly being developed in order to find new renewable energy sources, hydroelectric power will continue to be a very important power production source within measurable time. For a global corporation like Voith, Norway is an important market for the supply of hydropower products and services.
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