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A full-scale supplier in the Norwegian hydroelectric power market

Our Trondheim location covers the same Automation & BoPE product segments as by the Oslo location, and in addition also the products and services related to Generator and Excitation.

Hydropower has always been Norway's most important power production source. Although new technology is constantly being developed in order to find new renewable energy sources, hydroelectric power will continue to be a very important power production source within measurable time. For a global corporation like Voith, Norway is an important market for the supply of hydropower products and services.


Voith Hydro AS
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7037 Trondheim, Norway

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  • Integrated hydroelectric power products, systems and services
  • Automation and electrical auxiliary systems
  • Turbine governor
  • Service and maintenance – Electrical equipment
  • Service center – generator and turbine

For a long time Voith has also been a considerable player in the Norwegian market, with more than 100 turbines and also a considerable number of generators in operation in Norway.

Voith Hydro in Norway serves the Norwegian and Danish hydroelectric power markets and offers the same products and services in these fields.

Voith Hydro holds engineering environments in three places in Norway. We are located in Oslo and Trondheim, as well as in Fredrikstad, where we have a workshop with specialists for the rehabilitation of generators and turbines.

As the sole supplier located in Norway, Voith Hydro holds complete local competence for electromechanical products and systems for hydropower stations.

Service center – generator and turbine

Voith Hydro AS in Fredrikstad is responsible for the service market for turbines and generators. The company has modern workshop facilities for generator and turbine service, as well as premises for its own production of Resin Rich windings.
The company is located in Øra industrial area in Fredrikstad.

Integrated hydroelectric power products, systems and services

We have many years of experience from supplies of "water-to-wire" solutions. In addition, we have unique planning and designing knowhow about complete electromechanical system solutions for hydropower plants. We deliver all types of units in any size.

Our turbines are very competitive due to customized hydraulic design combined with standardized mechanical construction.
A carefully designed solution is vital for the delivery of complete stations. The whole range from batteries to main shut-off valves must be carefully planned and correctly manufactured in order to maintain the safety of the station in any situation. For the sake of the overall solution, it is of utmost importance to focus on the details.

Voith Hydro in Norway holds engineering resources with competence and some longtime experience in mechanical and hydraulical design, construction, regulating systems, sales, project management, installation and commissioning. We focus on rehabilitation and upgrading of existing turbines, as well as new turbines for small and medium-sized power stations.

We cooperate closely with other Voith Hydro units, primarily in Austria and Germany, for contracts in the Norwegian market. In 2010, a new workshop for the production of turbine runners for the European market was established in St. Pölten in Austria.

Automation and electrical auxiliary systems

Automation and electrical balance of plant assemblies are a considerable part of the Norwegian business, and we are a leading supplier of customized solutions for the Norwegian hydropower market.
This includes the whole range from engineering services, production, installation to start-up.
We offer complete solutions for hydro power stations, which includes e.g.:
  • Hardware and software for automation
  • Graphical user interface
  • Protection
  • Turbine governor
  • Excitation
  • Water level regulation
  • Remote control

Since our solutions are based on standardized products which are also supplied to industrial and offshore installations, there is a considerable market for these products and spare parts are readily available.

Voith Hydro supplies complete systems for generator medium-voltage switch gear and high-voltage switch gear in various versions, such as conventional on-site built , air insulated bus bars, insulated bus bars,, factory-built air insulated switch gears, and SF6 insulated switch gears.

Voith Hydro holds the necessary competence for project management and station start-ups, and has its own staff of site supervisors and commissioning engineers with longtime specialist experience.

In addition to medium, high voltage and automation systems, Voith supplies all necessary auxiliary stations for 230/400 AC, standby diesel aggregates, cooling and drainage systems, batteries, battery chargers, dAC/DC distribution, lighting, emergency lighting etc.
The benefits for the customer is that the system is coherent, the documentation is unambiguous, there are few and simple physical interfaces, resulting in less need to follow up projects in the customer's own organization.

Turbine governor

As of 2014, the turbine governor department of Voith Hydro in Norway is located in both Oslo and Trondheim. The automation and machine competence of the department has been gained in Norway since the 1970s. Voith's international competence dates back to early 1900’s.

Service and maintenance – Electrical equipment

With offices in Oslo and Trondheim and a workshop and office in Fredrikstad, Voith Hydro is located close to all Norwegian customers. Voith Hydro is the only supplier in Norway with a full product and know-how portfolio related to service and maintenance of all electromechanical systems in hydroelectric power stations.

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