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Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. was establied in 1993 and has grown extensively. Thanks to the dedication of our team, we have developed strong long-term relationships with the customers from all the areas of Voith Turbo expertise.

Our head office is located in Majkow Duzy near Piotrkow Trybunalski. In 2000 we moved to the current facility where besides office space, there is a workshop with over 1,000 sqm area as well as 600 sqm of warehouse space. We focus on sales and service of hydrodynamic drive solutions, but also have the capacity and ability to test, overhaul and provide maintenance of all Voith Turbo products. Moreover, we provide original spare parts, trainings and technical consultancy.


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In a nutshell, we have everything what is needed to comprehensively support you throughout the entire lifetime of your Voith equipment, be it bus transmission, complete rail drive system, axle drive, start-up component, variable speed fluid coupling, gear unit or torque limiter.

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Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. has subsidiaries in Ukraine and Belarus. We also serve customers in the Baltic States and in a limited scope in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Georgia.

We are organized in four Business Divisions:

Commercial Vehicles – Technologies for Automotive and Public Transport

Safety, efficiency and driving comfort are the essential requirements in transportation. Developing our products we keep these values in focus. Voith not only cooperate actively with vehicle manufacturers, but also maintain close relationships with the operators to be able to satisfy their needs. As a result, worldwide more than 150,000 city buses run reliably with Voith DIWA automatic transmissions and our hydrodynamic retarders are among the most effective and popular brake systems for trucks and buses.
Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. supports market sales, OEM application engineering as well as aftermarket service. In our area of responsibility there are about 10,000 DIWA automatic transmissions in operation. We have complete inventory of new units and original spare parts. At our workshop all the offered products are overhauled by skilled technicians. The workshop is equipped with DIWA transmission test bench. Service can be also performed at the customer.

DIWA Automatic Transmissions for Public Transit Buses

Specially developed for city buses, DIWA transmission works according to well-proven power distribution principle. It provides even start-up and acceleration through a speed range in which other transmissions would have to shift 2 to 3 times. With the newest DIWA.6 Voith responds to increasing demands of Euro 6 standards: the redesigned housing helps to lower noise and intelligent start-up management and the need-based reduction of the operating pressure reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%.
Read more DIWA Efficiency Package brochure (1.92 MB) Shell Spirax Oil for DIWA Transmissions brochure (1.70 MB)

DIWA SmartNet – Simple and Efficient Driveline Monitoring

With the DIWA SmartNet telemetry system, bus operators gain a quick and simple overview of vehicle operational data as well as insight into potential optimization of vehicle use, maintenance and service. DIWA SmartNet 2.0 regularly transfers and analyzes the operational and service data of the DIWA transmission. The operator is automatically notified of any impending malfunctions, which in turn supports a preventive maintenance strategy.
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SensoTop Shifting Program

The topography-dependent shifting program SensoTop optimally matches all gear-shifting points to acceleration, line profile and load. A tilt sensor provides transmission control with the information needed for stepless adjustment of gear-shifting points. The driver has the best engine power available for level roads or mountainous terrain and heavy or light loads. Practice shows that depending on topography and vehicle use, you can save up to 7% in fuel.
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Retarder – with Braking Faster to Your Destination

When retarders by Voith are used, up to 90% of all braking operations can be achieved without any wear. Your brake is always available when the situation gets dicey.

Our latest product from the retarder family is completely maintenance-free and environmentally friendly Voith SWR - the first secondary retarder in the world that uses the engine's cooling water as its operating medium.

Read more Voith Retarder 3250 brochure (0.87 MB) SWR Aquatarder brochure (2.19 MB)

Air Compressors with Pre-chargers

The pre-charging process of the system with its unique intercooling system results in a significantly reduced power uptake during delivery operation. At the same time, the compression temperature drops, which allows longer duty cycles and therefore increases the air delivery per hour, while the stroke volume remains the same. Outside delivery operation, the newly developed idle system SLS significantly reduces fuel consumption. As a result of reduced temperatures, the engine oil is subjected to less stress. Oil cracking and the formation of harmful substances are therefore prevented.
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Torsional Vibration Damper: Extended Service Life

Modern engines with high torques and optimized fuel consumption make high demands on today’s drive lines. Consequently, wear on components increases significantly. Absorbing and isolating vibrations Voith Hydrodamp protects the drive against overloads and increases the service life of individual components. Hydrodamp is proving itself in tractors, construction machinery, buses and rail vehicles.
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Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB

The VIAB is an innovative system with a fill-controlled, hydrodynamic coupling (turbo coupling) as the main component. Powerful start-up and safe braking - with no wear and for loads up to 250 tons. With VIAB two elements that appear to be mutually exclusive work together: The advantages of hydrodynamics when starting and braking with the high efficiencies of a mechanical driveline while driving.
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We also represent several companies whose products complement Voith’s offer:

Fogmaker Fire Suppression Systems

Fogmaker’s technique – extinguishing with water mist under high pressure works independent of power supply and position in a bus/coach in the event of a possible engine fire. High pressure water mist is very efficient for extinguishing fires in engine compartments. The water mist gives an immediate choking and quickly cooling effect.
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Centralized Lubrication for Commercial Vehicles

Automatic lubrication systems are designed to provide optimal delivery of lubricant in controlled amounts to all required points over frequent time intervals. Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. represents major suppliers of these systems - Baier + Köppel (BEKA-MAX), SKF and Lincoln – on the Polish market.
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While at our office, use the opportunity to visit DIWA Automatic Transmission Museum.  

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Rail – Systems and Components for Railway Vehicles

Hydrodynamic, electric or mechanical: Voith Turbo's product portfolio ranges from individual components to complete solutions. We are a leading supplier for DMUs, EMUs, trams, locomotives, high-speed trains, metros and special rail vehicles. System competency and service from one single source gives maximum reliability and makes rail travel possible at higher speeds, with improved safety and comfort as well as reduced energy consumption and emissions.
Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. continually supports its customers through new product sales and attentive aftermarket service which covers maintenance, system upgrades and spare parts supply. Our competent and flexible engineering services are characterized by long experience. Having extended the local workshop facility in 2014 and equipping it in a RailPack test bench, we are now able to offer even higher overhaul standards. As an OEM, we provide maximum safety by using tested original parts which also means a longer lifetime and higher availability for the complete driveline.

RailPacks – Rail Drives with Systematic Design

Whether railcar or special vehicle, every rail vehicle needs a suitable drive system. Our RailPacks, compact power sources can be used for almost any imaginable application. However, their advantages, such as elastic suspension to prevent vibration, space-saving installation and high reliability remain the same.
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Hydrodynamic Transmissions – Extremely Long Service Life

Our turbo transmissions are built with almost wear-free components. They have an exceptionally long service life and require minimal maintenance. They undergo continuous improvement and have provided the highest reliability and quality for eighty years. These and other reasons explain why our transmissions have become best-sellers.
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Gear Units – Designed for Maximum Performance

Gear units from Voith are operating reliably all over the world. They are weight and noise-optimized and allow speeds of over 400 km/h. We offer gear units that are optimally adapted to individual axle loads, speeds and tractive efforts for all rail vehicles – urban railways and trams, metros, regional railcars, locomotives, high-speed trains and special rail vehicles.
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Motor-Gear Units – Seamless Dynamics

We offer complete electric drivelines as motor-gear units (MGU) for all trams, urban and standard-gauge railways. We implement individual solutions and, apart from providing the electric know-how, utilize our comprehensive experience with transmissions and wheelsets.The interface transmission-motor is perfectly adapted and allows dynamic drive characteristics at all operating conditions. The motor-gear units are particularly reliable and allow easy maintenance. Due to their compact design, they can be easily installed and removed.
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Complete Wheelsets

Voith is the only transmission supplier to offer complete wheelsets from one single source. This cuts down on delivery times, interfaces and increases product quality. Our wheelsets comprise gear unit, gear shaft, wheels as well as brake disks and wheelset bearings and are individually adapted to the respective requirements.
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Scharfenberg Automatic Couplers

Besides reliability and safety, the most important requirements that railroad couplers must satisfy are flexibility and adaptability. The modular design of Scharfenberg couplers and the various coupler types makes it possible for us to provide you with the optimal coupler for every need and purpose.
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Scharfenberg Semi-Permanent Couplers

Scharfenberg semi-permanent couplers provide secure and safe connections within a trainset. Since coupling and uncoupling do not take place during normal operation, automatic operation is not necessary. Semi-permanent couplers can be equipped with impact-absorbing elements as well as with electrical and pneumatic couplings.
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Scharfenberg Energy Absorbtion – Lightweight and Effective

In the event of a crash, energy absorbers are to convert the resulting energy and to provide the best possible protection for the passengers and the rolling stock. Voith ones are characterized by a low total weight and a constant energy absorption behaviour. This results in a high energy aborption capacity and a remarkable energy to weight ratio. They are also equipped with anti-climbing protection, which provides additional safety.
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Scharfenberg Front End Systems

Scharfenberg front end systems have been adapted perfectly to meet the requirements of both aerodynamics and vehicle appearance. We develop and test the front end systems individually for each customer and speed.  In this way, shock absorbing features, retractable and automatic couplers, nose flaps and the associated operating gear can be combined. Minor impacts are cushioned without permanent deformation by the use of suitable materials and shaping. All modules are functional, are easily manageable and simple to maintain. They are lightweight and can be replaced very quickly. This is extremely important following accident damage.
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Cooling Systems

Apart from innovations such as the SilentVent, the VTC smart control system or the new hydrostatic generator drive, Voith has a broad offer of proven hydrostatic, electrical and mechanical components for a wide variety of cooling systems.
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Cardan Shafts

Voith universal joint shafts reliably transmit the torque from input to output in all types of rail vehicles.When needed, our Cardan shafts can be combined with torque-limiting and vibration-damping drive components.
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Highly Flexible Couplings

Voith highly flexible couplings shift resonance frequencies in a driveline out of the speed range. They also damp critical torsional vibration amplitudes and torque shocks.
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Mining & Metals – Systems and Components for Steel Industry, Raw Materials Extraction and Transport

Reliable and robust driveline solutions are crucial for extremely demanding mining and minerals processing applications. Voith can provide the components, engineering and service know-how to achieve high productivity of your equipment even under most arduous and hazardous conditions both above and below ground. That’s why steel and mining companies traditionally rely on our products ranging from universal joint shafts to fluid couplings. With Voith components your machinery will run longer without unplanned downtime.
Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. carries out sale activities, but also assists its customers from the early design stage throughout the entire lifetime of the equipment. One of Voith's European Centers of Service is located in Majkow Duzy. We have complete facilities for all couplings overhauls, including machining and dynamic balancing. The workshop repairs as well as service at the customer are performed by experienced engineers. We also supply all spare parts required for operation and maintenance of your Voith product.

Fluid Couplings

The hydrodynamic principle of a fluid coupling makes it easy to gently accelerate driven machines. At the same time, fluid couplings limit torque, provide load sharing, and dampen torsional vibrations. Voith offers constant-fill and fill-controlled fluid couplings with the transmittable power ranges from 300 W up to 6 MW. Our drive solutions are reliable and specifically tailored to each drive system – from individual couplings to complete driveline solutions.
Read more Constant-fill Fluid Couplings Type TVVS brochure (0.45 MB) Constant-fill Fluid Coupling with Valve Control brochure (4.16 MB) TurboBelt 780 TPXL brochure (2.15 MB)

Torque Limiting Couplings

Voith offers the most precise torque limiting couplings, process improvers and connection couplings available on the market. They are used in conveyors, mills, crushers and many others.
Read more Torque Limiting Couplings brochure (5.57 MB) SafeSet Application: AFC brochure (0.69 MB)

Universal Joint Shafts

Universal joint shafts from Voith transmit torque from a driving machine to a driven machine and can accommodate a high degree of misalignment ensuring productivity and reducing maintenance costs. Our product portfolio includes custom made high-performance universal joint shafts, standard universal joint shafts, center sections and shaft support systems.
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Valvex Valves

Explosion-proof Valvex solenoid valves are used worldwide in mining, where protection and reliability are the key criteria. Since years they have been tested under harsh conditions in dust supression systems, mine air cooling systems, mining equipment controls and in drive components for conveyors.
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Highly Flexible Couplings

Voith highly flexible couplings shift resonance frequencies in a driveline out of the speed range. They also damp critical torsional vibration amplitudes and torque shocks, extending the lifetime and availability of all connected drive components and increasing the productivity.
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Hirth Couplings and Serrations

Hirth couplings are form-locking, self-centering and easily detachable connection components. They connect shafts, disks, rotors, wheels and cranks made of metal or plastic – with remarkable precision and maximum torque capacity.
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Hydraulic Systems and Components, Hydraulics

Voith components and systems for hydraulic drive and control technology are highly dynamic, precise and efficient. The application-oriented and customer-specific solutions are appreciated various application, for example in punch presses, plastics processing machinery as well as in general machinery construction.
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Material Handling

The mining conveying technologist HESE Maschinenfabrik is now belonging to Voith Turbo and enriches the product portfolio of the start-up components business with solutions for belt conveyors and shaft hoisting.
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Power, Oil & Gas – Solutions for Petroleum Industry and Power Generation 

Regardless of whether it is the production, treatment or transport of oil and gas, power generation or chemicals production – each sector has its own challenges. However, the demands on equipment are similar: safer processes, trouble-free precise operation, high availability and low life cycle costs. You will find Voith equipment in all critical applications in power plants, upstream, midstream and downstream sectors as well as in chemical plants. Our products such as variable speed drives or high capacity turbo gears (BHS) set the benchmark within the industry for quality, innovation and design.
Beside running sales, Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. provides full range of services including workshop repairs, overhauls, direct factory service, engineering support, retrofit projects and re-rating of existing equipment. We also deliver original spare parts to ensure efficient operation fo your Voith equipment.

Vorecon Variable Speed Planetary Gear

The Vorecon controls the speed of pumps, compressors and fans in the power range from 1 to 50 MW. Your driven machine operates at the speed demanded by the process. The result are tremendous energy savings in com­parison to throttle or bypass control systems.

The Vorecon combines reliable mechanical design with wear-free hydrodynamic power transmission. This features help to achieve a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 48 years and system reliability exceeding 99.98%.

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Variable Speed Fluid Couplings

With more than 15,000 units in use, the Voith variable speed fluid coupling re­presents one of the best documented options for controlling the speed of driven machines. These units generally have a service life of several decades. They can be deployed in areas ranging from high-efficiency gas and steam combined cycle power plants, to refineries and the highly demanding oil platform environment, as well as numerous fan applications. In the power range from 100 kW to 10,000 kW and with input speeds up to 3,600 rpm, they enable cost effective, precise and step­less control of the speed of the driven machine.
Read more Variable Speed Fluid Couplings brochure (2.68 MB)

BHS Turbo Gear Units

For applications requiring only speed conversion we can offer our Voith (BHS) turbo gear units which are characterized by high power density, excellent efficiency and outstanding reliability. They transmit power of up to 170 MW reliably, with low vibration and with low noise emissions. The maximum speed for our gear units is at 100,000 rpm.
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Actuators and Control Systems for Turbomachinery

Voith actuators and control systems ensure that gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors can be operated more efficiently, safely and reliably.
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Diaphragm Couplings

Diaphragm couplings from Voith are designed for the connection of high-speed shafts. They compensate the axial, radial and angular offset of two coupled shafts and transmit torque reliably and safely without wear and need for maintenance.

Voith diaphragm couplings cover a performance range between 100 and 70 000 kW. The torque capacity ranges up to 1,500 kNm, the speed up to 80,000 rpm and a maximum allowable angular displacement of up to 0.5°.

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Rotor Turning Gear Units

BHS rotor turning gear units primarily provide safe cooling for hot rotors in a steam or gas turbine or compressor by slow turning. This helps the rotor remain dimensionally stable. Rotor turning gear units also support breakaway, startup and precise positioning of shaft trains.
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WinDrive Technology

With the WinDrive technology, you employ the wind to generate electricity reliably and in a distinctive way. The heart of the WinDrive technology is a variable-speed hydrodynamic gearbox. The WinDrive paves the way to generating grid-friendly electricity through proven direct-coupled synchronous generators. There are no failure prone power conversion electronics in the wind turbine (converter-less).
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