Scharfenberg Front End Systems

Scharfenberg front end systems have been adapted perfectly to meet the requirements of both aerodynamics and vehicle appearance. We develop and test the front end systems individually for each customer and speed.  In this way, shock absorbing features, retractable and automatic couplers, nose flaps and the associated operating gear can be combined. Minor impacts are cushioned without permanent deformation by the use of suitable materials and shaping. All modules are functional, are easily manageable and simple to maintain. They are lightweight and can be replaced very quickly. This is extremely important following accident damage.



  • More economical and environmentally friendly due to significant weigh reduction and recycling capabilities
  • High standard of safety assured by compliance with the standards governing collision safety and fire protection
  • Replaceable energy absorption elements
  • Significantly reduced out-of-service times
  • Lower assembly and repair costs


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