Fluid Couplings

The hydrodynamic principle of a fluid coupling makes it easy to gently accelerate driven machines. At the same time, fluid couplings limit torque, provide load sharing, and dampen torsional vibrations. Voith offers constant-fill and fill-controlled fluid couplings with the transmittable power ranges from 300 W up to 6 MW. Our drive solutions are reliable and specifically tailored to each drive system – from individual couplings to complete driveline solutions.


Key advantages:

  • Wear-free transmission of power
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Load-free start-up
  • Effective torque limitation and shock-dampening
  • Overload protection for motor and driven machine
  • Insensitive to extreme ambient conditions such as dust, cold and heat
  • Robust design with long service life and high availability


Main applications:

  • Material handling and conveying: belt conveyors, chain conveyors, stackers and reclaimers, bucket wheel elevators
  • Mineral processing machines: crushers, shredders, mills
  • Mining (open-pit and underground): armored face conveyors, stage loaders, belt conveyors, tunneling machines, pumps, crushers, mills
  • Chemical industry: centrifuges, pumps, fans, mixers


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