Turbo Retarder Clutch VIAB

The VIAB is an innovative system with a fill-controlled, hydrodynamic coupling (turbo coupling) as the main component. Powerful start-up and safe braking - with no wear and for loads up to 250 tons. With VIAB two elements that appear to be mutually exclusive work together: The advantages of hydrodynamics when starting and braking with the high efficiencies of a mechanical driveline while driving.


Your benefits:

  • High comfort through sensitive hydrodynamic start-up and shifting
  • High availability thanks to a wear-free start-up
  • Integrated high performance primary retarder
  • Maximum start-up tractive power at low speeds
  • Lower fuel consumption in comparison to conventional converter solutions
  • Wear-free transmission of torque and thermal stability ensure maximum vehicle availability, even with heavy loads, frequent starts, long periods of maneuvering or extremely low velocity
  • Retarder function also in reverse gear
  • Low weight, low installation space requirements


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