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Our industries: from mining to windpower

We are at home here. Just like you.

Our markets and our industries. This is where we are at home. Sometimes for many years and decades. With our broad portfolio we are serving the megatrends of our times. We develop reliable, resource-sparing, low-emission products and therefore make an important contribution to safety, efficiency and climate-friendliness.


Drive components and systems from Voith Turbo can be found in a wide variety of industries:

·         Mining

·         Chemicals & Petrochemicals

·         Power Plants – Thermal

·         Commercial vehicles

·         Machine Engineering

·         Oil & Gas Industry

·         Paper

·         Test Engineering

·         Recycling

·         Rail vehicles

·         Marine technology

·         Steel Industry

·         Hydro power

·         Wind Energy



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The operative business is pooled in four Group Divisions:
Voith Digital Solutions, Voith Hydro, Voith Paper and Voith Turbo. The business activities of the Group Divisions are steered by a legally independent holding company.

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