<Cement Plant,Concrete or cement factory, heavy industry or construction industry

Building material for construction projects

Cement plants require customized components

    Voith components for the cement industry are successfully used worldwide.

    Our modern world is inconceivable without cement. It is the basic building material for the most varied construction tasks. Cement is the most important component for manufacturing concrete. The production is a demanding process involving a number of processes and machines.

    Efficient, reliable equipment is an important requirement for cost-effective cement production. A drive system that is just as efficient and reliable is part of the ma­chin­ery. For this reason, the operators and planners of cement plants on all continents trust Voith drive systems.  

    Fabrics and roll covers for the cement industry.

    With covers made of various materials and high-tech fabrics, Voith provides high-quality solutions for the cement industry. Ideal combinations of fabrics, rolls and roll covers will help optimizing machine output, quality and costs.

    Our service for the cement industry

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