Pilot trials at the Voith Paper Technology Centers

Pilot operation facilities: get the full potential of your application

    Voith Paper Technology Centers worldwide are available for customers to pre-test equipment prior to purchase and help Voith engineers to analyze the efficiency and potential of their R&D activities.

    The Technology Centers are constantly updated with the latest machinery and pioneering production processes for the pulp and paper industry. From stock preparation, different paper machine configurations, coating units and calenders to the reel, new configurations can be tested. To minimize investment risks, we thus offer you the opportunity to assess the potential of a new machine or new technologies. All of our facilities are designed to be fully flexible so we can respond to your precise demands. 

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    Your benefits of the Voith pilot facilities

    • Testing and comparing of process and machine concepts
    • Optimization of raw materials and their treatments for different paper grades
    • Determination of operating parameters for start-up preparation
    • Minimization of investment risk with process test under realistic conditions
    • Development of new processes and products to generate unique selling points
    • Troubleshooting of your process without affecting production
    • Profit from our experts’ knowledge
    • Employee training

    Uwe Fröhlich, Senior Manager Pilot Operations
    The pilot plants in our research facilities enable targeted process analysis and offer extensive test capacities - also for new processes and paper grades. Together with our customers, we develop the best possible solution to increase machine efficiency and ensure production quality.
    Uwe Fröhlich, Senior Manager Pilot Operations

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    Our Technology Centers


      Fiber Technology Center

      Fiber Technology Center

      In the Fiber Technology Center, we run stock preparation trials on primary and secondary furnish for our customers under production conditions for all paper grades. Single machine tests or complete system trials give the opportunity to boost yield, improve fiber properties, enhance cleanliness and identify possible energy savings. In connection with our pilot paper machine even comprehensive process trials from pulping to papermaking are possible. Our Fiber Technology Centers are located in Heidenheim, Germany, and Motomiya, Japan.

      The following process steps are available for your stock preparation trial:

      • Pulping
      • Refining
      • Deflaking
      • Screening and Fractionation
      • Cleaning
      • Flotating
      • Thickening and Washing
      • Dispersing
      • Bleaching

      Paper and Board

      Pilot machine in the Technology Center

      Paper and Board Technology Center

      Our pilot paper machine and different test rigs allow you to examine your process under real conditions. A vast range of different paper grades can be tested. Trials on specific pilot facilities like our headbox test rig and our pilot reel enable our customers to improve their processes or to perform targeted troubleshooting. Different former types, former settings, fabrics and chemical dosing can be tested during trials at our pilot paper machine.

      Trials can be performed on the following trial facilities:

      • Pilot paper machine with two approach flow systems for multi-layer trials
      • Pilot reel in industrial scale
      • Headbox test rig
      • Drying section


      Coater inside the Fiber Technology Center

      Coating Technology Centers

      The pilot coater at our R&D center offers ideal conditions for studying the coating process under realistic conditions. The complete coating process for every grade from specialty to board can be examined with your base paper and coating color raw materials. We support you in developing new products like barrier papers.

      The following coating units are available at our pilot coater:

      • Single and multi-layer curtain coater (DynaLayer)
      • Film coaters (SpeedSizer)
      • Blade or rod coater with free jet applicator (JetFlow F)
      • Size press

      In addition, small scale trials can be performed at our curtain test-rig.


      Pilot calender at the Technology Center in Heidenheim

      Calendering Technology Center

      With our pilot calender, the best possible combination of nip pressure, temperature and roll surface for each grade can be determined for your products, whether they are board and packaging, speciality, or graphic papers. Our preconditioning equipment helps to simulate conditions as close to production as possible. In combination with our pilot coater, trials can be carried out that cover the entire finishing process.

      Our pilot calender (1x3 configuration) is equipped as follows:

      • Soft and hard nip calender (EcoCal Soft/Hard/Plus)
      • Moisturizer and steam boxes
      • IR panel
      • Climate chamber

      We also offer trials at our calender test-rig.



      Speciality Technology Center

      Specialty Technology Center

      The focus is on wet-laid processes at the Specialty Technology Center in Düren, Germany, where new forest-based and non-forest-based products can be developed and their manufacturing verified on an inclined former section. Here new Voith units (R&D) and individual machines for the wet-laid process are tested and perfected. The technology center is equipped with two pulpers, three machine chests, a refiner and deflaker to support you in developing new wet-laid products. The HydroFormer headbox and white water loop are suitable for 1, 2 and 3-ply tests.

      In the Specialty Technology Center, tests on the inclined wire simulate production conditions. By using our pilot plants, we ensure tailor-made machines that offer optimal performance at your facility from the first day. In addition, operating parameters can be determined to prepare for system commissioning at your paper mill. The clothing can also be tested and optimized beforehand.

      Key physical parameters can then be measured and evaluated in the adjacent laboratory.


      Laboratory Voith


      We provide the optimal analytical technology for fiber, paper and coating color. The samples taken from our pilot plant facilities are analyzed in the Voith laboratories using the latest techniques. This provides precise test data as a further basis for assessing the pilot plant results. You, as our customer, benefit from the scientific know-how of our laboratory specialists, as they can analyze samples from your own plants. 

      In addition to the standard measurements we offer:


      • Fiber morphologies
      • Sticky and dirt speck analysis
      • Pulper, refiner, flotation in laboratory scale


      • Tapio Analyzer
      • Contact angle, penetration
      • Print tests 

      Coating Color

      • High shear viscosity
      • Elongational viscosity (CaBER)
      • Dynamic surface tension


      • Chemical analysis
      • Mechanical and thermo-mechanical analysis
      • Computer tomography

      Voith pilot operation facilities worldwide

        Voith Paper Technology Centers worldwide provide the maximum flexibility. We help you to improve your products, develop new ones that meet your requirements, and fulfill your customers’ needs even further. 

        Speciality Technology Center Paper Machine
        Düren, Germany

        At the Specialty Technology Center in Düren, Germany, focus lays on wet-laid processes. Moreover, new forest-based and non-forest-based products can be developed and tested. Customers benefit from two pulpers, three machine chests, a refiner and deflaker that support the development of new wet-laid products. 

        • Wet-laid Nonwovens
        • Bank Notes

        Technology Center Heidenheim
        Heidenheim, Germany

        Technology centers in Heidenheim cover all stock preparation processes, paper machine testing as well as pilot coater and calender. Besides troubleshooting and the optimization of new processes, focus lays on the exploration of new furnish types, assistance in new product development and the comparison of different machine process concepts.

        • Board & Packaging
        • Specialty
        • Graphic
        • Stock Preparation
        • Paper Machine
        • Coating
        • Calendering

        Pilot Coater in Motomiya
        Motomiya, Japan

        Our trained experts at our Technology Center in Motomiya, Japan, support customers expecially from the APAC region and carry out trials regarding coating and stock preparation processes and new product developments. 

        • Coating
        • Stock Preparation

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