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Electric traction systems for rail vehicles


Optimized energy conversion

    For new vehicles and for repowering projects – with our complete traction systems we offer customized solutions and ensure optimal traction for your rail vehicles.

    The electric drivelines developed by Voith withstand the toughest conditions and enable a smooth, comfortable and cost-efficient ride.
    Alfred Gmeiner-Ghali, Sales Electric Traction Systems, Voith

    All benefits at a glance

      Due to the optimally matched components of the drive system, you benefit from significant advantages.

      Thanks also to the Voith traction system with which our Škoda ForCity Smart Artic Trams are equipped, our customer HKL can realize the lowest life cycle costs to date.
      Ollipekka Heikkilä, Head of Product Platform, Škoda Transtech Oy
      Voith created a great impression with their ability and attitude to take care of the customer success in addition to the high technical product quality and expertise.
      Ville Lehmuskoski, CEO and Managing Director, HKL

      Product portfolio

        From traction inverters to complete drive systems - we deliver solutions that are tailored to your needs.

        • Traction system engineering
        • Driving dynamics simulation
        • IGBT life cycle calculation

        • Traction converter design and integration
        • Integration of energy storage solutions
        • Energy consumption optimization

        • RAMS and LCC calculations
        • EMC design and tests
        • Commissioning and verification
        • Obsolescence management

        The EmCon traction inverter is the heart of every electric drive line.
        We offer you the ideal product variant for every application.

        EmCon I1000-9AR

        The EmCon I1000-9AR is a compact traction inverter for roof installation in 600 Vdc and 750 Vdc power supply applications such as trams and low floor light rail vehicles in particular. It is applied in combination with a separated IO control unit.
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        EmCon DI1000-5AR

        The EmCon DI1000-5AR is a high performance double traction inverter for roof installation in trams and lowfloor light rail vehicles.
        Learn more

        EmCon DI1000-9AU

        The EmCon DI1000-9AU is a double traction inverter for underfloor installation in 750 Vdc power supply applications.
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        EmCon DI2000-5AU

        The EmCon DI2000-5AU is a high performance double traction inverter for underfloor installation in 1500 Vdc power supply applications such as metros in particular.
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        EmCon Calculator

          With the EmCon Calculator, you can carry out a simplified design calculation in a few steps. You receive characteristic information about the driving dynamics and the traction system, as well as a recommendation for the optimally matching traction inverter.

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          We offer you 100% customized solutions.
          Voith's electric traction systems are designed for temperatures down to -40°C.
          Ambient temperatures of up to +45°C are mastered as standard.
          The oldest LRV Voith modernized was manufactured 1959 in Finland.


            Modernization of light rail trains

            Voith was commissioned to modernize 50 vehicles of Stuttgarter Straßenbahn AG. By replacing existing power electronics with new and reliable Voith systems, the availability of the trams will be significantly increased over their entire remaining service life. 
            read the datasheet To the story

            Modern drive technology for Würzburg's demanding track profile

            Starting in 2022, 18 new low-floor light rail vehicles will successively be put into operation in Würzburg. In addition to the traction and auxiliary operation systems and the diagnosis and monitoring system, Voith will also supply the vehicle control system. For the particularly tight curves of Würzburg's old town and the steep ascents in the surrounding districts, Voith's traction experts designed state-of-the-art technology, perfectly adapted to the specific characteristics of Würzburg’s route profile.
            Read the data sheet

            Modernization of low-floor trains for the Forchbahn

            Voith will deliver 26 new, modern and tailormade electric traction systems to Stadler Rail, which can handle the two different supply voltages.

            Voith traction systems for Manila‘s public transport

            The 3-section vehicles operated by Metro Rail Transit Corporation are equipped with a traction system from Voith, consisting of high-voltage equipment, electric traction system, I/O module, traction motors as well as the auxiliary converter.

            Traction systems for electrified Helsinki

            Voith contributes to the electrification of Helsinki’s public transport with highly energy efficient electric traction systems as well as a monitoring and diagnostic system for 70 Artic low-floor trams.
            READ THE DATASHEET To the story

            Modernization for Manila‘s LRT1 line

            Voith has been awarded with the modernization of the traction-, auxiliary and vehicle control systems of 24 light rail trains operated by Light Rail Manila Corporation. Voith will replace the existing systems with its new components by using present interfaces.

            Optimal energy supply for Shenyang

            Voith equipped 10 modern 100 % low-floor trams operated by Shenyang Hunnan Modern Traffic Co., Ltd. The traction equipment allows for energy efficient operation and driving on catenary free route sections by using energy storage units.