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Automatic and turbo transmissions for rail vehicles

Automatic and turbo transmissions for rail vehicles

    For more than 85 years, Voith Turbo Transmissions have been and still are reliably covering long distances worldwide. A great success – especially for our customers. Be part of the success story and benefit from Voith's proven technology.

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    All benefits at a glance

    • Robust, reliable and proven technology
    • High power density

    • Insensitive towards climatic influences
    • Long service life

    • Minimum maintenance expenditure
    • Long-term spare parts availability
    • Worldwide service network

    Product portfolio

      We are continuously developing our transmissions to ensure the highest quality and ideal fit to your needs. Our broad product portfolio therefore guarantees that you will find the optimum solution for your application.

      Transmissions for new vehicles

      Transmissions for existing vehicles

      Transmissions for shunting locomotives

      L 3r4 zseU2

      L 3r4 zseU2

      • suitable for 3- and 4-axle shunting diesel locomotives with operating speeds up to 40 km/h
      • design speed with a range-change gear up to 80 km/h recommended
      • allows to maintain speeds at high accuracy
      • controls constant speeds of 3 to 15 km/h
      • hydrodynamic turbo reversing allows also change of driving direction and wearfree braking
      L 4r4 zseU2

      L 4r4 zseU2

      • suitable for 4-axle shunting diesel locomotives with operating speeds up to 50 km/h
      • design speed with a range-change gear up to 100 km/h recommended
      • allows to maintain speeds at high accuracy
      • controls constant speeds of 3 to 15 km/h
      • hydrodynamic turbo reversing allows also change of driving direction and wearfree braking
      L 5r4 zseU2

      L 5r4 zseU2

      • suitable for 4-axle multi-purpose diesel locomotives with shunting operation speeds up to 60 km/h
      • design speed with a range-change gear for mainline operation up to 120 km/h recommended
      • allows to maintain speeds at high accuracy
      • controls constant speeds of 3 to 15 km/h
      • hydrodynamic turbo reversing allows also change of driving direction and wearfree braking

      Transmission for mainline and multi purpose locomotives

      L 530 breU2

      L 530 breU2

      • 1 700 kW maximum transmission input power
      • can be adapted easily to different engine constellations or special service conditions
      • for multi-purpose services
      • 3-converter characteristic ensures high tractive effort and optimal efficiency
      • integrated retarder
      L 620 reU2

      L 620 reU2

      • 2 700 kW maximum transmission input power
      • dispose of a high performing hydrodynamic brake (optional)
      • most powerful transmission for 4-axle locomotives
      • high power density
      LS 640 reU2

      LS 640 reU2

      • 4 200 kW maximum transmission input power
      • for 6-axle locomotives in mainline service
      • can be equipped with two independently operated hydrodynamic brakes
      • fully decoupled outputs ensure optimal performance characteristics when starting and when running
      • highest power density


      80% air humidity and more: Our transmissions run reliably in the push-pull tilting trains that travel through the subtropics of Australia.
      Voith has delivered more than 40,000 transmissions for worldwide rail traffic.
      - 40 °C at over 5000 m above sea level: Voith transmissions demonstrate their insensitivity to cold in rail maintenance vehicles during the upkeep of the Chinese high-speed line to Tibet.
      + 45 °C in the shade: Voith transmissions withstand the highest temperatures in passenger railcars in North African Algeria.

      Drive control

        The electronic control VTDC governs all functions of the turbo transmission and thus contributes to optimum operation. As an integrated drive control, it can also control the cooling system and diesel engine as well as ideally coordinate them with each other.


        Interfaces and functions

        Programming tool (WinFlash)

        • Downloadable software for programming the VTDC and DTC control units
        • Automatic programming after file selection
        • PC software

        Operating data acquisition system (VTBS)

        • Operating data acquisition system for drive packages, turbo transmissions and cooling systems
        • Provides the user with an accurate picture of the operating status of the drive system
        • Reads operating data, statistics and error messages
        • Configures records
        • Acquisition of data on the vehicle
        • PC software

        I/O CAN gateway

        • IO extension for VTDC and DTC
        • Processes analog and digital signals
        • Mounting inside the vehicle
        • Translates vehicle control signals into CAN messages
        • Ideal for vehicles without CAN bus interface

        D-IF Diagnostic interface

        • Diagnostic interface for VTDC and DTC
        • Mounting inside the vehicle
        • Convenient programming and diagnostic interface
        • Interface optionally available with real-time clock


          A good signal for regional transport –  50 Bom Sinal rail buses are equipped with the reliable DIWARail. The diesel-mechanic transmission was equipped for the first time with a reversing transmission for this purpose.
          China's high-speed rail network is the longest in the world and runs through a wide variety of climate zones. For this reason, the vehicles used to maintain the tracks and overhead lines are equipped with only the most reliable technology – for instance, Voith‘s climatically insensitive and robust T 211 re.4 turbo transmissions.
          ZOS Vrutky relies on dependable Voith Turbo Transmissions. The Slovakian vehicle manufacturer has equipped more than 50 railcars with hydrodynamic RailPacks in which T 211 re.4 + KB190 and T 212 bre turbo transmissions are integrated.
          T 211 re.4 + KB190 turbo transmissions from Voith support the SBB when the going gets tough. These are installed in the tunnel firefighting and rescue vehicles built by Windhoff for the Swiss Federal Railways.
          Free ride for the track with Aebi Schmidt's snow blowers: With cold-insensitive T 312 turbo transmissions on board, the vehicles are used for snow clearance in Norway and Austria.
          The ultra-modern ultrasonic measuring trains, which Matisa designed for the French state railway SNCF, stand for the highest measuring accuracy. Voith supplied T 312 bre turbo transmissions that exactly match the requirements of these special purpose vehicles.
          More than 100 T 312 bre turbo transmissions are used in multiple units of the Turkish State Railways built by a joint venture consisting of Hyundai Rotem and Tüvasas.
          As part of the modernization of 110 two-axle class Y9000 locomotives of the SNCF, Voith delivered L 220 reV2 locomotive transmissions.
          Voith has developed a special transmission for Plasser & Theurer’s novel track bed compressor. The tailor-made L 311 reV2 + KB260 is equipped with 8 auxiliary drives, via which the entire engine power can be used to drive auxiliary machines
          130 diesel-hydraulic multi purpose locomotives of Deutsche Bahn are equipped with L4r4 zseU2 turbo reversing transmissions, for which Voith ensures long-term service.
          For its G 1700 and G 2000 multi-purpose and mainline locomotives sold to various European operators, Vossloh relies on proven Voith technology with the L 620 reU2 transmission. This high-performance locomotive transmission is thus operating all over Europe.

          Power transmission oils

            Our power transmission oils are specifically designed for Voith products and ideally suited to its range of application. Consequently, Voith power transmission oils make for a more efficient operation and a long service life of your transmissions.

            Please only use lubricants approved by Voith. In this way, your transmission runs and runs and runs …

            List of lubricants