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Maximum availability of your drive train

    Mining and metal production, power generation, oil and gas, chemicals and petrochemicals – all these industries work with highly complex plants. Voith has been a part of this work as a manufacturer and service provider for more than 150 years.

    Our service for mining and metal production covers all components between the driver and the driven machine. From belt conveyors, armored-face conveyors, mills, presses, shredders, crushers or rolling mills to blowers, fans and generators. Voith is your skilled service partner. We offer customized service packages and a high degree of know-how and reliability.


    Available around the clock for technical emergencies:

    +49 7951 321 666


    +49 8321 802 555

    Health Check in focus

      In order to extend the health of your machine and extend the lifespan, we recommend a Voith Health Check. Health Check identifies the direct and surrounding transmission risk factors in your drive train starting from a power range of 250 kW, independent of manufacturer or brand.

      Importantly, Health Check is:

      • Fast
      • Cost-effective
      • A qualified assessment
      • Conducted during operation and/or at standstill

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      OnCare.Health ACIDA

        Offering a full line of field services, engineering solutions and custom-designed monitoring equipment for stand-alone machines and complete plants using complicated processes, OnCare.Health ACIDA.

        Benefit from:

        • Ideal maintenance strategies
        • Drive train optimization
        • Increased plant availability and processes control

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        OnCare.Health ACIDA

        Excellent service for systems and components – from Voith and other manufacturers

          A single source of service for the complete lifecycle of your systems and components

            • Higher availability and profitability
            • Greater productivity
            • Longer working life
            • Fewer failure and unplanned shutdowns
            • Lower total operating costs

            Technical service & agreements

            Our experts – equipped for every service call

            The highest levels of uptime are required for the drives of complex systems. With Voith, you are well equipped for any challenge. Our expert team delivers tailored solutions and provides you with the planning security that you need. Speak with us about your requirements!

            Service offerings

            • 24/7 emergency number
            • Technical support
            • Failure and root cause analysis
            • Troubleshooting
            • Remote service
            • Condition monitoring
            • Condition assessment (Health check)
            • Measurements and analysis
            • Customer training classes
            • Service agreements
            • Warranty extensions

            Advantages and benefits

            • Cost and time savings through round-the-clock service 
            • Direct knowledge transfer from the manufacturer to the user using modern tools and means of communication
            • Improved efficiency and best possible system operation through central support 
            • Increased operational safety and system uptime through preventive maintenance to avoid problems
            • Service agreements on uptime and performance parameters, from a single application to an entire fleet, even for products of other manufacturers
            • Less risk and more financial planning certainty thanks to determined lifecycle costs

            Spare parts & spare units

            Reliable quality of an original equipment manufacturer

            We have been delivering the highest quality spare parts in the shortest possible times for generations. Operators of production-critical systems trust in products from Voith – regardless of the source of the original equipment – because you can rely on Voith spare parts and spare units every day.

            Service offerings

            • Spare parts packages
            • Spare units
            • Make-to-order spare parts
            • Fast-track delivery
            • Warehousing
            • Tools and accessories

            Advantages and benefits

            • Product reliability thanks to high OEM quality standards
            • Customization to drawings or exact measurements 
            • Comprehensive spare part inventories and long parts availability for fast delivery
            • Warehousing agreements or purchase in online shop
            • Intelligent and custom-fit special tools and aids
            • Fair price-performance ratio for high cost effectiveness
            • Operating capital value retention through long-term operation and high system uptime 

            Maintenance, repair & overhaul

            Linked worldwide and always available

            A specialized team of experienced in-house and field service technicians are standing by to support you quickly and reliably, either in Voith Service workshops or directly on site. With modern equipment we are always on your side – worldwide.

            Service offerings

            • Installation and commissioning
            • Field service
            • Voith workshop-based MRO
            • On-site repairs
            • Emergency repairs
            • Test runs

            Advantages and benefits

            • Dense network of Voith Service workshops for fast availability of highly qualified service technicians
            • Comprehensive capabilities for on-site repair, even in an emergency
            • Higher productivity and operational reliability through continued training for compliance with quality, health, safety and environmental guidelines 
            • High system uptimes through fast processes and flat organizational structures
            • Ensured quality for your system's long life

            Retrofit & modernization

            Return to state of the art

            You have a lot of money invested in your system and want to get the most out of it over a long operating life. A retrofit or modernization by Voith will return your drive train to the state of the art. A tailored upgrade will make your systems ready for the future.

            Service offerings

            • Modernization
            • Upgrades
            • Exchange
            • Retrofit
            • Turnkey solutions

            Advantages and benefits

            • Comprehensive consultation and needs-based, detailed solutions 
            • Fast, on-time realization by an international team of experts with many years of experience
            • A large pool of expertise, tools and calculation programs, even for products of other manufacturers
            • Highly cost-effective, with long-term planning certainty 

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              At your site – around the world

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              In case of an emergency, dial +49 8321 802-555

              We go the extra mile for our customers

                Our service teams are everywhere in the world – at extremely high altitudes, far underground, on the high seas, in deserts, and in jungles. No matter where your system is, we're ready to tackle anything for you and always give it our best.

                850 m underground: Platinum mines in Rustenberg, South Africa
                3000 m above sea level: Gas-fired power plant in Quito, Ecuador
                100 percent humidity: Petrochemical complex in Rayong, Thailand
                50 °C in the shade: Gas and oil separation plant in In Salah, Algeria

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