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Designed for maximum performance

Gear units

Function tests, driving simulations, endurance runs and precise measurement of noise emissions − our unique test bench provides the best conditions for the optimum further development of our gear units.
Stefan Hülsmann, Research Engineer at Voith
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Gear units for any application

    Gear units from Voith are operating all over the world. They are optimally adapted to individual customer requirements and all rail applications.

    Piano for the Red Arrow

    For Bombardier's high-speed train ZEFIRO, which takes passengers to their destination in Italy at top speeds of up to 360 km/h, Voith supplied SE-390 gear units. Especially at these top speeds, they meet the high acoustic requirements that Trenitalia places on its Red Arrow, the Frecciarossa.

    Reliable gear units for Rio

    No matter if Ipanema, Copacabana or Christo Redentor: Rio's Metro takes locals and tourists to their destination on time. We contribute to this with our reliable SE-362 gear units.

    Rain-resistant gear units for the Pramexs

    The commuter train "Pramexs" built by INKA brings the residents of the Philippine volcanic island Java safely to their destination. Voith supports this with climate-insensitive SK- KE-485 gear units, which run reliably despite high humidity and monsoon.

    Custom-fit solution for French ultrasonic test trains

    The integrity of the rails is necessary to ensure safe travel. Thus, the precise measurement of the rail geometry is essential. This is exactly what the ultrasonic test trains from Matisa, which are in service for the French state railway, do. Voith makes its contribution with SK-KE-553 gear units, which are precisely matched to the requirements of rail service vehicles.

    Full suspension to protect the rail

    In parts of Europe, wear-related components are included in the calculation of track access charges. Voith's SZH-495 gear units, which are used in the electric railcars of the Croatian national railway company HŽ, are the right answer to this development. They make a significant contribution to reducing the unsprung mass. The fully suspended gear unit acts as a shock absorber and thus protects the tracks. In addition, all drive components are protected against impacts.

    Fully sprung gear units for maximum driving comfort

    The Karlsruhe tram, which also runs interurban to Heilbronn, 60 km away, is known for its high passenger comfort. Voith contributes to this with gear units of the SZH-435 type. They are fully sprung to ensure that passengers and commuters arrive at their destination comfortably and relaxed and to improve the workplace ergonomics of train drivers.

    Large sizes for Korean freight transport

    With the gear units in cannon-box design for the Korail Class 8500 electric locomotive, Voith proves its competence in the field of oversize. The robust, 1.10m m high gear units from Voith are optimally designed for the six-axle locomotive that is used in Korean freight traffic. The enormous starting tractive force is provided reliably over a long service life.

    French style for Korea

    The KTX II operated by Korail has a special technical feature. Voith developed a special gear unit arrangement for it. The SE-530 and SE-340 gear units are connected to each other by a tripod drive shaft and thus transmit the enormous force of the powerful engine to the wheelset shaft. This was inspired by a system used in the French TGV. The scope of delivery for the Korean high-speed train also included a Voith SafeSet coupling to protect the drive line from overload.
    More about our drive shafts More about our torque limiting couplings

    Compact gear units for high speeds

    For Hitachi's high-speed train AT300 and AT800/801, Voith delivered large quantities of the SE-369 gear unit. However, the installation space into which it had to fit was small. Voith therefore developed a customized solution for Hitachi: SE-369 gear units with a cranked gear design.

    Gear units for quieter rail traffic

    The reduction of traffic noise is increasingly of concern to the rail industry. With the development of gear units that meet the increasing acoustic requirements, Voith is making its contribution to reducing noise emissions in rail traffic. One example is the gear unit SZ-440, which the DB class 463 trains are equipped with.

    More than 5,000 SZ-400 for rail transport worldwide

    Voith supplied SZ-400 gear units for Alstom's Coradia Continental, which is also known under the nickname "Cheshire Cat" due to its front end. What makes us smile: We have already delivered more than 5,000 of these gear units worldwide. Meanwhile, our partners are pleased about their reliability even under harsh climatic conditions.

    Customer-oriented production for Bombardier

    Bombardier received an order for 75 electric railcars from the Australian operator QNGR 2014. Voith contributed SZ-440 gear units. In order to keep the logistical effort and thus delivery time and routes to a minimum, Voith handled the production in India, where Bombardier also manufactured the EMUs.

    On site for Delhi's Metro

    Voith has a very close partnership with DMRC, not only geographically.

    Our service experts take care of maintaining the Voith SE-344 gear units installed in the vehicles of the Delhi Metro. DMRC benefits from fast response times. After all, the Voith Service Center is located in Delhi’s' suburb Faridabad and thus only a one-hour ride on the Violet line.

    Voith Service

    Bionic toothing

      Voith's innovative bionic toothing is inspired by nature. The optimized tooth root profile makes the toothing more durable and allows for narrower design or a reduction of noise emissions.


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Gear units for rail vehicles

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