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Annual Report 2019


Our fiscal year 2018/19 in numbers

    For more than 150 years, our work has always been in close partnership with the Earth: clean energy from hydropower, paper production from renewable raw materials and drive technology for efficient and environmentally friendly mobility. In this way, our technologies make a contribution to the sustainable development of entire economies.

    Orders received in fiscal year 2018/19 1)
    Sales in fiscal year 2018/19 1)
    EBIT in fiscal year 2018/19 1)
    Research and development ratio 1)
    Employees 1), 2)

    1) Previous year's figure adjusted.
    2) Full-time equivalents; without apprentices; as at September 30.

    Strategic focus areas for our future growth strategy are, firstly, reinforcing our core business and, secondly, expanding our range of digital products and services.
    The Corporate Board of Management
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    We are driven by the quest for answers to the great issues of our time

      The most urgent issue of the present time is climate change. If we do not unite in embracing change, climate change will alter everything. Because we only have this one Planet Earth.

      How can we utilize our immense experience to repay the Earth for its contribution to our achievements? What potential is there still to be found in hydropower and paper? What characterizes the mobility of the future, on water and on land? How does an industry with closed circuits operate? Together with our customers and partners, we apply our knowledge to find solutions to challenges that are moving entire societies today and will impact them tomorrow.

      In all these new developments, we always remain true to ourselves – down to earth. In both meanings of the expression. Our values have applied since Voith was founded in 1867 and will remain our keystone in the future. Together, we are shaping change so that our planet will continue to exist.

      Completely self-sufficient!

      The Fifth Continent has the potential to cover 100 percent of its energy needs from renewable energy sources. Australia intends to achieve the first 50 percent by 2024. How? With pumped storage technology from Voith.

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      The drive makes the difference

      From e-scooters, electrified cars and rail systems, to self‑driving buses or ferries – municipalities all over the world are working on energy-efficient mobility concepts. As part of this development Voith is shaping the future of mobility – by sea and by land.

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      What does it take to shape the world of tomorrow sustainably?

      Anyone who wishes to be successful must engage in constant learning. Every day. Alone, with each other, from and with others. That is why we at Voith attach great importance to a culture of knowledge transfer.

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      Paper develops its potential

      Voith’s heart has always been beating for paper as a versatile raw material, for its production and its ongoing refinement. The fact that paper has a reason for being even in an increasingly digitalized world is undisputed. But the shape that the paper production of the future will take has yet to be elaborated by the various partners around the world.

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