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The drive makes the difference

Urban mobility of the future

    From e-scooters, electrified cars and rail systems, to self-driving buses or ferries – municipalities all over the world are working on energy-efficient mobility concepts.

    Sustainable technologies are necessary! That is Voith’s strongest driving force. It is part of our DNA: striving to invent new things, inquisitively driving forward new developments, and deploying technological insights for the benefit of mankind. This has been our motivation for more than 150 years. We are shaping the future of mobility. The development is picking up speed, its momentum can no longer be stopped.

    The sharp increase in population is causing rapid growth in our cities around the world. According to United Nations statistics, more than two‑thirds of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050.

    Today’s mobility solutions are, however, not able to meet the rising demand for transport caused by urbanization without increasing harmful emissions and traffic jams that waste energy and time. As one of the leading providers of mobility technologies and services, Voith develops reliable resource‑saving, low‑emissions and smart solutions for sustainable public traffic systems.

    Mobile world/s

      Three experts with the same objective – to play a role in protecting the environment by improving public transportation. A conversation about the mobility of the future.

      Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta

      Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta has been CEO of Germany’s largest local transport company, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) since October 2010. Their services were used by passengers more than 1.1 billion times in 2018 alone.


      Tomas Gabinus

      Tomas Gabinus is the Executive Director at Pilotfish in Gothenburg, one of Europe’s leading providers of IT for public transport; it has branch offices in Sweden, Germany and France.


      Cornelius Weitzmann

      Industrial engineer Cornelius Weitzmann has been CEO Mobility at Voith Turbo in Heidenheim since June 2016, and has been instrumental in advancing the electric drivetrain.


      Tomorrow’s urban life

        Tomorrow’s urban life is characterized by two megatrends: technology and sustainability. From small municipalities to megacities, mobility is changing because it has to and because there are ever more solutions for resource‑saving transportation. At the same time, city dwellers have an increasing desire for more nature in conurbations and thus for a higher quality of life.

        Let's see what's already there today, what will be coming in the near future and in which areas Voith is making a contribution.