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Sustainability at Voith

    With our concept of sustainability we are carrying on the tradition and style of Voith, a family-owned company, which includes the obligation to conduct environmentally compatible, clean and fair business with long-term success.


      Sustainability Rating
      Prime Status

      In the recent corporate rating report, the oekom research AG assessed Voith’s sustainability activities. Voith has reached Prime Status, putting it within the best 20 percent of the 172 companies assessed in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.


        Entrepreneurial success obligates.

        The Voith family always acted in this way.

        Not only the customers but also the well-being of employees and the responsibility to the society were always at the heart of the Voith family. Dr. Hanns Voith (1885-1971) who directed the fortunes of the company for nearly 60 years had a substantial share of the social commitment. In order to institutionalize this social commitment the non-profit and independent Hanns Voith Foundation was established in 1953.

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