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What makes Voith attractive as an employer?

Voith is a family company and we see ourselves as responsible towards our employees – as a fair and dependable employer that also takes into consideration their personal circumstances. We set high standards for our employees while also offering them extensive opportunities for their personal development, enabling us to open up a variety of career paths to them within our global technology group.

How qualified do our employees need to be?

We recognize the value of diversity and equal opportunity at our company. At Voith, everyone should have the chance to develop themselves through comprehensive further training and education offerings as well as varied and interesting career paths – and these are essentially open to all of our employees. At the same time, we demand a high degree of commitment, strong professional qualifications, and a high level of motivation from our employees. Only in this way can we meet the high standard we set ourselves of always providing the best for our customers.

Are all occupational accidents preventable?

Our responsibility towards our employees also includes us ensuring we offer them a safe working environment and protect their health. To achieve this, a few years ago we set ourselves specific goals – and we are now leaders in our industry in terms of occupational health and safety.

Wanted: Expertise and Personality

At Voith, trainees are exposed to real-life projects right from day one. Alongside this we enhance the curriculum at the vocational schools with additional internal lessons. After all, we want our apprentices to develop their technical and personal skills – with social involvement included! The success of this approach is clearly reflected by our apprentices’ very good final grades, which are regularly above average in IHK Chamber of Industry and Commerce exams.

eVAP – Accident Prevention by App

Voith also utilizes the opportunities offered by digitization in the field of occupational health and safety. A specific example of this is our eVAP (electronic Voith Awareness Program) app, which we developed ourselves to enable employees to use their smartphones or tablets to log potential hazards quickly and then send this information to a central database. Icons and a clear structure make the app easier to use. After a successful pilot phase, the app has been available to an ever-increasing number of locations since 2016, offering employees the chance to make their workplace safer themselves – regardless of production processes, industries, or national borders. Information on potential accident risks is pooled centrally, and used daily by supervisors to improve workplace safety.