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How do you turn an environmental benefit into an economic advantage?

We aim to conserve resources and minimize our environmental impact in all of our activities. This is why we see it as our responsibility to handle resources and energy effi ciently as well as to avoid environmental risks at all of our locations. By linking our economic principles with an environmental approach we not only contribute actively to protecting the climate but also create measurable added value for our company.

How can Voith protect people and the environment effectively?

In the 2011/12 fiscal year we set ourselves specific environmental targets that we aimed to achieve within a five-year timeframe. Today, shortly before this deadline, we are very close to achieving all of our objectives. In fact when it comes to our wastewater volume, we now generate less than the target we set ourselves. So it is time for us to set new objectives, and to work tirelessly again to achieve them. We will do this with the same determination and enthusiasm that has characterized our company for 150 years – and by involving all our employees.

And what role can each and every employee play?

Everyone in the company is called upon to save resources in their field, and to develop and implement new ideas to achieve this. In doing so, we will become better day by day – and continuously increase the value we add through sustainable business practices.

Green Controlling Unites Ecology and Economy

At Voith, we recognized the link between environmental benefits and economic added value at an early stage. Since as early as 2008 we have identified efficiency potentials, made them measurable and controllable, devised targeted improvements, and implemented them rigorously. Our Group-wide Green Controlling process makes our progress transparent. Compared with the level four years ago when we first set our resource conservation targets, we are already achieving annual savings of €11.0 million – year by year, with an upward trend. We replicate traditional data gathering, analysis, and reporting processes with our Green Controlling process. Doing so allows us to create a level of transparency in terms of health, safety, and environment that elsewhere only exists in the financial sector. This thoroughness is also being recognized outside our company, particularly in 2015 when we were awarded the Péter Horváth Foundation’s Green Controlling Prize for our solution

Voith received numerous awards for its environmental management

Green Controlling Award
Péter Horváth Foundation 2015
Winner in the category "environment"
DEKRA Award 2014
100 companies for resource efficiency 2017