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Products & Supply Chain

Product responsibility

Voith is renowned for its safety, quality, and reliability. Sustainability is part of the ever-renewing commitment we make to our customers. This is why we attach great importance to the energy and resource effi ciency of our products and ensure that we comply with all recognized environmental and social standards. We also place the highest requirements on our actions both within our sphere of infl uence and in all of our supply chains. In doing so, we live up to our responsibility towards the environment and society through each and every one of our products.

How can Voith products help increase resource conservation?

The name Voith stands for reliability and outstanding quality the world over. This is at the heart of our commitment that we make with every single one of our products, and which has impressed our customers for over 150 years. Sustainability has long since been a part of this promise, so we attach great importance to ensuring our products conserve resources and increase efficiency – both in terms of their production and in their subsequent utilization phases.

How do customer benefits and environmental protection fit together?

This approach brings multiple benefits to our customers – after all, those who use fewer raw materials and less energy also save costs, and can improve their own environmental footprint in the process.

How do we manage to integrate our environmental and social standards into our global supply chains?

Within our overall sphere of influence, we also ensure environmental and social standards are upheld. In doing so, we always have the same aspiration: We aim to provide environmental and economic added value in everything we do for our customers.

Voith Hydro – Global Success in Hydropower

Hydropower is the biggest, oldest, and most reliable form of renewable energy production. Globally it makes an indispensable contribution to the stable supply of electricity and thus to economic and social development – in industrialized countries as much as in fast-growing regions around the world. In addition, hydropower makes a significant contribution to eco-friendly power generation. Right from the early days Voith has been a leader in this technology, and is continually developing it further. Voith Hydro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of generators, turbines, and pumps as well as of electrical and mechanical equipment for virtually all sizes of hydropower plant.

Voith Turbo – Powering Personal Mobility

Voith Turbo contributes daily to ensuring people, goods, and equipment are conveyed reliably. Pressure to deliver this will increase, especially in light of the UN’s forecast that 70% of the world’s population will be city-dwellers by 2050. These people want to get from A to B safely, quickly, and in an eco-friendly way. Particularly in megacities, local public transport is critical for personal mobility. As a result, Voith is involved in developing the necessary technologies, and supplying systems for buses, light rail vehicles, metros, and monorails. Our development departments are creating modern hybrid drives, waste heat recuperation systems, and a new generation of retarder based on water instead of oil for commercial vehicles.

Voith Paper – Partner and Pioneer

As a partner to and pioneer in the paper industry, Voith Paper is the world’s one-stop shop – supplying technologies, products, and services covering the entire paper production process. With its innovative systems and solutions, Voith Paper is helping to reduce the impact on the environment and strengthen its customers’ position in the face of fiercer competition. At the same time, environmental and economic aspects go hand in hand: After all, the greatest added value for our customers can only be achieved by operating our machines in the most resource-friendly way, and by designing them to be as efficient as possible.

Voith Digital Solutions – Utilizing the Opportunity Brought by Digitization

Our recently established Group Division Voith Digital Solutions provides new solutions for IT and automation as well as mechanical and plant engineering in the age of digital transformation. This enables us to open up new opportunities for our customers, and together with them leverage the potentials offered by digitization. This will enable us to move into new markets with our fledgling Group Division, create new sales opportunities for ourselves, and acquire new customers – while laying the basis for our company’s continued growth.