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Strategy and Integrity

Sustainable Management

As a global technology group Voith sets standards worldwide in the Energy, Oil & Gas, Paper, Raw Materials, and Transport und Automotive markets through its diverse portfolio of systems, products, services, and digital solutions. Our 150-year tradition as a family business is shaped by a sustainable, values-based approach that commits us to conducting business in a way that is environmentally focused, fair, and oriented towards long-term economic success.

Our Profile

Voith is a company with over 19,000 employees across 60 countries, with production locations, research and development facilities as well as service and sales entities in every region of the world. As one of the largest family-owned companies we have so far written 150 years of industrial history, which has always been characterized by responsible action in the interests of the company and people connected with it: As a family and owner, as employees, business partners, and customers, as well as neighbors and fellow citizens.

How does Voith define responsibility?

Companies have a responsibility. And for Voith, this is not something that has only applied since the concept of "sustainability" became fashionable. On the contrary, sustainable business practices, which take interests of future generations into account, have shaped our company’s history ever since it was established 150 years ago. Our approach to sustainability has its roots in Voith’s family tradition. Sustainable and responsible action is an aspiration and commitment for everyone in our company – something that is firmly anchored in our values and corporate culture.

What contribution can Voith make to a better future?

We are fully aware that sustainable business activities and business success are inextricably linked – they go hand in hand. Only those companies that consider people’s interests in their actions, conserve resources, protect the environment, and help society progress sustainably with their products will enjoy long-term success. Consequently, our goal is to create measurable added value through sustainable business practices – for both our company and society, of which we are a part.

Supplier Management

Voith uses various tools, such as guidelines and standards, internal and external evaluations, and employee trainings to firmly establish sustainability in the supply chain. Social and environmental aspects have been integrated in our General Purchasing Conditions, supplier self-assessments, and audits.

Read more about the supplier management of Voith at Supplier Ecosystem and in the Sustainability Report 2015.

Help and Advice for Continuous Improvement

Sustainability topics are now of such great business importance that companies face the challenge of integrating their environmental and social management activities into their core business. Voith has met this challenge for many years now with a clear strategy and ambitious aims. To this end, business cases for sustainability need to be created which pay off – for companies, the environment, and society in equal measure.
Professor Stefan Schaltegger

Center for Sustainability Management (CSM)
Leuphana University Lüneburg
Voith is unwavering on its path to greater sustainability, year by year, transparently, and comprehensibly. The anchoring of environmental and social standards in global value chains is arguably the greatest challenge currently facing companies with responsible business practices. Voith is well on its way to mastering this challenge too.
Andreas Zamostny

Managing Partner

S&C – Schlange & Co. GmbH, Hamburg

Responsibility for society

As a company, we want to contribute to the promotion of the common good. We consider ourselves to have a duty of care towards people outside our company. Wherever we are based in the world, as a good neighbor we intend to contribute to the positive development of society by supporting sport and culture, music and education, and pitching in wherever spontaneous help is called for.

From action to understanding

Since as long ago as 1946, Voith has dedicated itself to taking disadvantaged young people and preparing them for training schemes and the world of work in the German state of Baden- Württemberg. What initially started as a vocational preparation and training course has now become an institution, and has been recognized since 2004 as the Sonderberufsfachschule Hanns Voith (Special Vocational College Hanns Voith). The aim of the institution is to support special-needs youngsters in their development and encourage them individually – and in doing so open up opportunities for training placements or work. The model is a success story: Over 90% of pupils are taken on after one year of vocational preparation. And we are proud to say that since 1972 Voith has enabled 1,406 youngsters from the district Heidenheim to lead a structured life.